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New vote incentive: a design sketch for a new character who’ll show up on the next page. Click here to vote and see it!

I’m excited to announce that we are going to be guests at Anime USA this year! The convention is November 18-20 in Arlington, VA, and you should definitely come see us!

A somewhat delayed con report from Intervention: The convention was awesome once again this year. We debuted our shiny new table setup, which somebody probably should have remembered to get photos of. We spent the weekend with our friends Robynhime and sadboyinsnow from Technoangel Studios, and had a great time hanging out with Jen of LaSalle’s Legacy, Megami of Annie, and Eric and Brittany of Snow by Night. On Friday we spoke on the World-building 101 panel with T Campbell and Phil Kahn of Guilded Age. It was a very good, in-depth discussion – kind of a shame that we only had an hour for it, as those guys really know their stuff. Then we had the Writer/Artist Teamwork panel with Shaenon Garrity and Jeffrey Wells, who make the comic Skin Horse – which I have since started reading and am finding to be incredibly addictive. On Sunday Chezhnian was on the Writing Three-Dimensional Characters panel with Eric of Snow by Night, Mookie of Dominic Deegan, and Pete Abrams of Sluggy Freelance, while I had fun sitting in the front row and rudely interjecting helping.

We also got to catch up briefly with Deanna Echanique of La Macchina Bellica and Mancer/Archer of Omega (whose comic is now back online after some website issues – go read it!) I picked up a copy of Liz Staley’s Adrastus. And… Meg of Rival Hearts surprised us with AWESOME Tamuran fanart buttons:

(Thank you again, Meg!)

During the weekend Chezhnian also held forced viewings of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for the benefit of our Technoangel friends, and shared her folder of over 50 pony-generator-created Tamuran ponies with card-carrying brony Danny Valentini of the Draconia Chronicles.

(Chezh’s pony generator addiction, while frightening, has actually proved helpful in showing me how she sees her characters – for a sense of their overall appearance, demeanor, build, and that sort of thing. I’ve used a few of her ponies for reference in working out the designs for some of the characters I hadn’t drawn before, to make sure my drawings end up being of the same person she intends the character to be. Including the one in the vote incentive.)

So in short: this year’s Intervention weekend was every bit as awesome as we were expecting. Many thanks to the ridiculously amazing Onezumi, Harknell, and everybody else who put so much work into running this con!  Thanks also to our co-panelists for some fun and enlightening discussions, and to my brother for being our long-suffering table-watcher/cash-box-holder/grunt-laborer. We are counting the days till next year!