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The scene they’re talking about is here, if you need a refresher.

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Here’s our panel schedule so far:

Friday 3pm  – World Building 101 (both Eren and Chezhnian)

Friday 4pm  – The Artist/Writer Relationship (both Eren and Chezhnian)

Sunday 1pm  – Writing and Creating Three Dimensional Characters (Chezhnian)

The rest of the time we will be at Table 47 in the Artist Alley – see the map here.

Thank you to those of you who filled out the survey!  We got more replies than we expected, and a lot of helpful feedback.  We also got a wide and very interesting variety of responses. Some of you guys are extremely observant… it makes us happy that all the little random details we put in aren’t going unnoticed.  For those who prefer to just read along and find things out as they’re shown in the comic, that’s perfectly fine too.  All will be revealed… eventually. :P

The survey is still open for responses – if you haven’t filled it out yet, please do!  You can find it here.

Here are my responses to direct questions and thoughts on some other things that came up in the survey answers (prepare for huge blocks of text):

– The little Traveler boy in the prologue is not Varony… sorry!  That’s my fault for giving them similar hairstyles, maybe. When I designed the boy, I just wanted to show that that’s a typical sort of way for Traveler men to wear their hair.  In retrospect I can see how it might be confusing.  That WOULD make for a really intriguing time travel story, though…

– We were asked whether this was a slash comic, het comic, or non-romantic comic. Chezhnian wanted me to answer with: “Yes, yes, and yes…?”  The story’s not meant to be a romance, though character relationships, romantic and otherwise (mostly otherwise), play a big part in it.  Kind of like Lord of the Rings – there’s romance, but it’s not immediately central to the plot. And we have characters who fall all over the spectrum in terms of orientation, though that’s not really a huge plot focus for any of them. It’s not “a story about straight characters” or “a story about gay characters” so much as it’s “a story about characters… who happen to be straight/gay/bi/asexual/searching/whatever.”

– One person said they were afraid that Varony might turn out to be some long-lost son of the king, whose destiny it would be to save the kingdom and inherit the throne. The person then said, “Please don’t be this cliche.”  Don’t worry, we won’t. Varony is nothing of the sort. ;P

– In regard to the question about whether Ashlar and Johlan were “good guys” or “bad guys,” one person suggested that in fiction, the scale of morality is relative to the goals of the protagonists: the villain kills the main character’s father and is therefore evil, where the main character can kill hundreds of the villain’s henchmen (who all have families and lives of their own), but it’s okay because they’re the “bad guys.”  I just wanted to say that I am not fond of stories with that sort of glossed-over, smile-and-nod morality, and neither is Chezhnian.  In Tamuran’s setting, the world is a little rougher around the edges, and life IS regarded a little more cheaply sometimes, just by virtue of the time period and the type of society it is (more or less so in different places within the setting).  People carry swords around in public, and MIGHT have to use them against another person if they find themselves in a tight enough spot, but murder is still counted as a serious crime, and a character’s attitude toward taking another’s life should definitely say a lot about that character.  Unfortunately we haven’t had much chance to establish that aspect of the setting or give the readers a good frame of reference – maybe we should have thought of that earlier in the story-planning.  But PLEASE, when you read, don’t suspend disbelief and say, “oh, this is a fantasy story and they’re the Good Guys, so anyone who gets killed because of them is automatically justified.”  Think about it within the context of the story, but by all means, THINK about it. :)  Call us out on it if something seems weird or fishy – chances are it was intentional.

– For the question about what you’d like to see answered in a future website FAQ, one person responded with some questions for one of the characters.  We already have a place to answer those – it is here.  Feel free to ask away whenever you like!

– For website suggestions – yes, I hate the way our archive page is currently laid out, too.  Comicpress doesn’t give you many pre-coded options for archive display (and I am not good enough at coding to make my own) – that’s one of the reasons I want to switch the site over to a different comic-management plugin for the next design.

– There were a lot of comments about the overall pacing being fairly slow and expository at this point.  I’ll agree that Tamuran definitely reads better in chapters than one page at a time.  That’s one of the unfortunate facets of the webcomic medium – having to read a slow trickle of pages.  I chose to update with one page twice a week because personally I prefer that sort of schedule over reading a mess of pages all at once and then having nothing for weeks until the next update.  With our schedule, the people who don’t want to wait can have the next tiny piece of story right away, and the ones who’d rather read in chunks can wait and do that, too.  Either way, I would definitely recommend going back and rereading through a scene once all of it is posted – it will (hopefully?) make more sense that way. All the survey responses seemed to agree that the story is interesting even when it’s slow, so I’ll take that as a sign that we’re on the right track – as long as you’re entertained, it’s all good. Yes, we’re still building and setting up the story at this point… things will really get moving before too long, though.  Thank you for bearing with us so far!