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It just isn’t his day.

Fun side detail: The reason there are so many young women working at this inn is that the proprietress makes a practice of taking in young girls off the streets and giving them employment.

Panel submissions for Intervention (an awesome convention at which we’re going to be guests again this year) are currently underway… so I figured we’d throw a question out there.  What would you like to hear us talk about?  Art methods, story construction, character development, world building..?  What are you curious about, regarding the way we make the comic?  I’m not addressing the question only to people who are going to be attending the con, because last year’s panels were filmed and viewable on the Intervention website.  So, tell us… what do you want to know? :)

(EDIT 06/2013: Tweaked the first panel so that the perspective’s not QUITE as bad as it was. Only so much I can do here short of redrawing it, though.)