Chapter 4 Page 21

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Here are the inks for now.  Can’t stay up to finish it as I have to be at work early in the morning.  Look for the shaded version sometime tonight (Friday, EDT).  Funny how it always seems to be the pages where shading is required for the page to have the right effect (or in this case, make sense at all…)

In happier news, Robin of Ley Lines has very kindly chosen Tamuran as her webcomic feature for this month!  She’s posted both a review of our comic and a really awesome piece of fan art, so be sure to go check them out on her site!  And if you’re not reading Ley Lines yet… you definitely should be.  It’s a fantasy comic that’s brimming with mystery, with a very unique, well-developed setting and characters that I am waiting eagerly to learn more about as the story unfolds.  It’s still in its first chapter, so I don’t want to say too much… other than “go! Read!”

EDIT:  Finished page posted.