Chapter 4 Page 13

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Sorry for the delays on this one.  At first it was held up by sudden ‘real-life’ things that needed to take precedence, and then the artwork would not cooperate.  Page 14 will probably go up for Saturday.  Someday, O fabled and elusive page buffer… someday…

As always, page delays and updates get posted on the comic’s Twitter feed, as well as behind-the-scenes stuff and Ustream sketch session announcements – you can follow us, or scroll down and read it from the sidebar of this site.  Our RSS feed is also a good way to get update notices without having to keep checking the site.

EDIT: Due to an influx of STUFF suddenly converging on this weekend, it looks like I’m not going to have any time at all to work on comics. As much as I hate to push it back, page 14 will have to go up for the next regular comic update (Tuesday).  Thank you for bearing with us.