Chapter 4 Page 07

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Okay, I have to apologize.  Every time I draw a panel with that pattern of cracks running up the wall, getting it consistent with previous pages takes way, way longer than I anticipate (that and transferring that seal design, to a lesser degree).  So here are the base inks, so far.  The shaded version will go up later today.  And as this week is turning into the Week of Spending Lots of Time At the Dentist, page 8 will probably be a bit late, too – no later than Friday evening, I am hoping.  People were requesting another Ustream sketch session, so if I get the page posted by 8pm EDT on Friday, I’ll be holding one – I’ll post the link in page 8’s update post.

On a much sparklier note, Liliy drew us a fanart of Kip – thank you, Liliy!  :D

EDIT:  Finished page is up!  Look for the next page Friday evening EDT.