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Bit of news:  we’re going to be panelists at MarsCon, January 14-16 in Williamsburg, VA.  If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and look for us!

New TWC vote incentive is a rough design sketch page for our lovely ensemble of back-alley thugs.

And also, the comic’s first anniversary is coming up on Wednesday (January 5).  I haven’t done any anniversary art to post, but I might have a sketch request session on Ustream that evening  (probably around 8pm EST – look for info on our Twitter account.)

Speaking of anniversaries, La Macchina Bellica just celebrated its third, and Winters in Lavelle is coming up on its second in February.  And Wiglaf and Mordred is having its annual Pair-a-Thon contest this month.  But since EVERYONE should already be reading those comics, you knew all of that, right? :P

Many many thanks to everyone who visited this page in the past year, and especially to our regular readers!  We made it 72 pages into the story in 2010… my goal for this year is to draw at least 100 more.  I’m also working on a new site design.. so now’s your chance to make suggestions for pages and features you’d like to see.  Or ask questions for a FAQ page, should that strike your fancy.

See you with page 20 on Friday!