Chapter 3 Page 17

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Look!  It’s a comic page!  No, really!  <.<

I’m infinitely sorry for all the delays on this one.  Obviously I’ve been having a hard time getting caught up with pages – part of the reason for that is that the storyboarding/page layouts for the rest of the chapter have been giving me a lot of trouble (I have redone some parts two or three times and am still not happy with the way it’s working.. or isn’t working).   Between that and non-internet stuff going on, I’m going to go ahead and say there will be no new page updates until December 28th.  I’ll still be working on getting the recent still-unshaded pages done and posting those as I finish them, but most likely page 18 won’t be posted until the 28th.  Hopefully the break from posting will let me make a decent amount of headway on finishing the chapter and helping Chezhnian to revise and finalize the Chapter 4 script… and also to work on another project for the site which I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, and which I HOPE to have ready for the site’s one-year anniversary on January 5.

To keep track of what’s going on with the site and updates, and for progress reports and other announcements, I would recommend following the comic’s Twitter feed. I stopped posting to it a good while ago since nobody was following it, but now seems like a good time to finally make it useful.

In other news, the new incarnation of Senshuu‘s fantasy comic Millennium is updating again… go check it out!

Thank you to all our readers for sticking with us through update inconsistencies.   Everybody have a happy December-holiday-of-your-choice!  XD