Chapter 3 Page 16

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Just because I’m curious… Reader survey: do you think Varony is bluffing in the last panel?

Next update will be finishing up more old unfinished pages.  Look for page 17 on Friday!  I am so glad that the craziness of November is almost over. >.>

I’ve been hearing lately about nominations being open for the 2010 Webcomic List Awards. I doubt we have enough readers to be in the running for anything, but if you’re involved in any comics-creating, be sure to go support your favorite webcomics by nominating them!

(EDIT 06/2013: We changed the wording for the book version, to streamline things. While saying “who the fuck cares” is appropriate for the character (especially once you’ve read the rest of the chapter and seen what’s really going on), we felt that the word “fuck” in this case stood out more than we really wanted it to, since there hasn’t been all that much swearing so far in the comic, and just a plain ‘who cares’ has more snap to it than the longer sentence anyway. Various choice expletives will see their fair share of use later in the story, don’t worry.)