Chapter 3 Page 10

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One more inked page… my schedule this weekend still wasn’t what I’d hoped it would be for comicking time, and I have an early morning tomorrow, else I’d stay up and finish the page. I’m whittling away at the shading for the last two pages, but instead of holding things up and missing updates altogether I’m going to prioritize upcoming pages and keep the story moving. The shaded versions of pages 8-10 should be up within the next few updates. In the meantime, I’ve gotten a few questions about my inking technique from people looking at the unfinished pages, so hopefully the insight into my comic-making process is at least a little helpful to a few of you… (For the record, I ink directly over my pencils with dip pens and India ink, do the black fills and black hair shading and such with brush pens, and do additional pen shading and textures with micron pens).

We have been making progress, though – I’ve outlined the chapters for the rest of “Volume 1,” (it’ll be seven chapters long), and we’ve been working out the scene organization and details and starting on the finalized script for Chapter 4. For those who haven’t read the About page, we’ve been adding to the rough draft of Tamuran for over two years now (and counting)… so while it requires heavy editing and rearranging in some places to polish it up all shiny, we’ve got the basic script written waaay in advance. I’m anxious to get more of the story out to you guys… like I seem to keep saying, I just need to learn to draw faster. XD

In other news, we got a good number of Formspring questions a few weeks ago, and we’ve finally got them answered for your reading and speculating pleasure. There’s one that hasn’t been answered yet – it was a question for Kip, which we’ve sent to Kip’s creator/writer to get a response from the “real” Kip. We’ll let you know when we post the answer to that one… in the meantime, feel free to ask us more stuff! We won’t be posting any spoilers, don’t worry…

EDIT: Finished page posted!