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Okay! Sorry about that – I had the page ready to go last night, but my internet died before I could post it, and still wasn’t working before I left for work this morning.

Next page will be up on Tuesday – the rest of this week is going to be hectic, and I still have some catching up to do.

The programming schedule for Intervention is now up – go check it out! They’ve got lots of interesting panels lined up – it was hard to narrow down which ones to volunteer for. Here’s the schedule for the ones Chezhnian and I are going to be on (along with other awesome webcomic people!):

Friday 3pm – World Building 101 (both of us)
Friday 4pm – Writer-Artist Teamwork for Webcomics (both)
Friday 5pm – Everyone Needs Help Sometimes: Webcomic Portfolio Reviews (Eren)
Friday 6pm – Who’s Afraid of Traditional Media? How to Art Dangerously Without the “Undo” Button (Eren)

Sunday 12pm – How to Make a Webcomic (both)
Sunday 1pm – Creating Three-Dimensional Characters (Chezhnian)

We definitely hope to see some of you guys there!

(EDIT 06/2013: We reworded the text a bit for the book version to make it clearer – Tu Naul aren’t immortal, and they do have a limited lifespan; it’s just closer to elves’ than to ordinary humans’. They just tend to refer to people originating on the mortal/material/mundane plane as ‘mortal’ compared with themselves.)