Chapter 3 Page 02

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Sorry about the still-unfinished page!  Got another unexpected last-minute call in to work, so I won’t be able to finish it till Saturday evening.  The last two panels won’t be shaded in pencil, since we’re once again voyaging into flashback-land…

And thus commences The Life Story of Kip in 30 Seconds or Less!

Also… If anyone in the northern Maryland/southern Pennsylvania area would like a print copy of Chapter 1, they’re being sold at Odyssey Gifts in Williamsport, MD.  (And if you don’t want a copy, it’s a really cool store, anyway.)  Many thanks to Carolee for supporting us and being so excited about our project!  :)

EDIT:  And here is the finished page, finally.  The bottom panels were done in copic markers and black watercolor.  Next page will be up Wednesday.