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And that is all for Chapter 2! Fun stuff coming up for chapter 3 – action, treachery, maybe some dancing, and the introduction of our next main character. :D

The combination of the end of the chapter (working some last kinks out of Chapter 3) and the rapid approach of Otakon (with lots to do yet!) means we won’t be starting to post Chapter 3 till after the con. BUT we will be posting bits of the other con-related Tamuran stuff we’re working on in the meantime. I am also taking requests for sketches and mini-comics to post. So this is your chance to tell me what you’d like me to draw! I’ll draw pretty much whatever so long as it’s not too complicated, too much of a spoiler (minor bits of character insight/backstory are okay), or too eyeball-melting (I reserve the right to define ‘eyeball-melting.’ >.>) You can leave suggestions in the comments here or in the shoutbox, or send us an email (tamurancomic (at) gmail (dot) com). I’ll also be Ustreaming tonight and Monday night starting at 9:30 pm EDT, so you can tell me your request there, if you’d like to watch me draw it (otherwise I’ll be working on the Artists’ Alley table banner image).

As always, thank you for reading!