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I just realized that I forgot to add the innkeeper’s stray curl in the fourth panel. I think it works better without it, though – this way there’s nothing between the guys and her icy glare…

As you’ve heard if you read his comic, Cisco Davis, Jr. of the photo comic “The Pure and Hidden Truth” is in the process of getting his full-length indie superhero movie (and “Pure and Hidden” spinoff) “The Peculiars” funded and ready to film. I think it’s awesome that he’s on the verge of making his dreams of film-making into reality, so I figured I’d help to spread the word and try to drum up some support. So go here and take a look at what he’s working on! The concept footage doesn’t show very much, but if his writing and directing skills in “Pure and Hidden” are any indication, “The Peculiars” should be pretty damn cool. :)