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They’re referring to Claudia’s bounty hunters who were on their trail in Hiancea in Chapter 15 (the ones who weren’t eaten by the lake monster, that is). For reference, this chapter takes place about a week or so after the end of Chapter 15, and around the same time as Chapter 16. The “Eyes,” as a reminder, are the Seyelive.

Still finding site errors here and there from the php upgrade/comic management plugin update. Some of the comic pages in chapters 3 and 4 were displaying two copies of the image – I think I fixed all of them, but let me know if I missed any. I haven’t tracked down what’s making each comic link to itself yet, unfortunately, but you can use the arrow keys to flip between pages if that makes navigation easier. Swiping should work on mobile, too.

I’ll be continuing to work on a complete overhaul of this site over the next few weeks. For the new site we’ll be moving to a new comic management system and using IntenseDebate for comments. The old blog posts and comments will likely not be coming along – just a heads-up in case there’s anything you want to save for posterity (though many of the links in the older blog posts don’t go to actual sites anymore anyway). I’ll still have an archived copy of the old site offline, either way