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End Chapter 15. Next chapter will be something different. It’ll take a while to have it ready to go, so at this point we’re looking to start Chapter 16 around mid-March – we’ll keep you posted if it takes longer. In the meantime, we’ll be posting updates here once a week, probably on Tuesdays, with answers to character Q&As or other artwork. We’ve only got two character questions so far – feel free to keep sending them in. We’re still accepting fan art submissions too, if you’d like to have your art featured. And if you want to see sneak-preview art for the new chapter, we’ll be posting behind-the-scenes stuff and progress updates over on Patreon. We may do a Livestream sketch session at some point during the break, too – we’ll let you know when that is.

For status updates and notification when the chapter starts, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr (that’s a new address for Tumblr, if you just want to follow for comic-related things and not my other stuff. I’ll still be reblogging Tamuran updates to my own blog, if you already follow that one). Just a heads-up, the Tamuran site may have some downtime at the beginning of March as we switch webhosts, since our old host is ramping down services. So keep an eye on social media for updates when that happens.

In light of some of the comments on the last page, we went back and updated the dialogue on page 27 to clarify – no, Jadsira wasn’t the one who turned them in. She was tempted, but too many things about the situation weren’t making sense, so she decided to wait till she’d calmed down and thought about it more before doing something that would potentially screw over innocent people. (She wasn’t above making Varony squirm a little before letting him know that, though.)  Not that the edit is meant to shelve any and all doubt about Jadsira right then and there, but we did intend for her to say that she didn’t do it – that may have gotten obfuscated a little more than we wanted over the course of editing and re-editing the scene. Sorry for the confusion.

And as always, now that the whole chapter is posted we recommend going back to reread it all at once, as it’s meant to be read. (Here’s the start of the Hiancea plot if you want to reread that whole storyline.) If you really want to be ready for the start of Chapter 16, rereading the whole comic over the break might be a good idea.

Thank you for reading!

(Edit: fixed some balloon tails on the page.)