Chapter 15 Page 39

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Only a few pages left this chapter, then we’ll be taking a break to get chapter 16 ready to go. More on that later, but if anybody wants to submit guest art to go up during the break, we’ll be happy to feature your work. We might also open up character Q&A submissions again this time, if you guys have things to ask.

Also: looking at our vote numbers on Top Webcomics versus our actual site traffic numbers lately, it seems that someone has been cheating the system to boost our rank. Whoever’s doing it: please stop. If you want to help Tamuran gain more visibility and new readers, you can recommend the comic to friends who might enjoy it, or write reviews or suggest Tamuran on comic review sites. Make fan art and share it with links to the comic, if you’re artistically inclined. Update the Tamuran page on TVTropes. By all means vote every day, but just the one time per IP. We’re glad you like our comic enough to want to help us out, but there are a million ways to share your enthusiasm that don’t involve generating fake votes and cheating on our behalf. We don’t need or want that kind of help, thanks.