Chapter 15 Page 11

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With profuse apologies to anyone who actually does parkour, haha.

But yeah, this is why Varony didn’t just shove Kip into his coat pocket (he does have one, on the inside) – the side of the knife belt’s a little less likely to get slammed into a building. Hopefully. Guess we’ll find out!

And just throwing out a note that Chirault‘s started their Book 2 Kickstarter! If you don’t already read Chirault, you should go check it out – it’s a very well done comic.

And while I’m linking things, Liliy of Wiglaf & Mordred just released the first novel in her new fantasy series, Obsidian of Ruby. I beta-read it last year, and it’s a fun read. Especially if you like dragons and badass lady knights.