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End Chapter 13. Just like every chapter, we recommend going back and reading it as a whole now that it’s finished.

We’ll be taking an end-of-chapter break before we start posting Chapter 14. It’s another long chapter – right now we’re working on finalizing script edits, and once that’s done I can start storyboarding and laying out the pages. We’re planning to start posting Chapter 14 on May 26 (May 22 for Patreon early-update backers) – if it ends up taking longer we’ll keep you informed. I want to have a good start on the chapter before we jump into posting, so as to avoid delays down the road. In the meantime, we’ll be posting art updates at least once a week (probably Fridays), and on Patreon we’ll be updating with WIP stuff and progress shots for the new chapter (as well as the other extras like Chezhnian’s Tamuran trivia posts).

It’s been awesome seeing the range of responses Kip’s gotten this chapter, by the way. She’s a complicated character with a lot of room to grow… if the party stays alive long enough for her to get there. Here’s hoping. Special thanks to Chan, her creator, for entrusting her to us.

As always, thank you for reading!