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First off, our friend Liz over at Adrastus has launched a Kickstarter to fund the printing of her third volume. Go check it out! Classic-anime-style giant robots, badass motorcycle-racing heroines, secret agents, aliens, tabloid reporters, fun all around. :D

As for our Book 2 printing survey, thanks again to everyone who responded. I mentioned last week that it doesn’t look like there’s currently enough interest in print books to warrant another Kickstarter attempt so soon. So for now we’re going to focus on other things, like making more comic – finishing Chapter 13 and making progress on Chapter 14 – rather than spending a month on intensive Kickstarter promotion. Unfortunately, printing Book 2 next year after we’ve moved means that we won’t be able to print with the local printer that did such nice work on Book 1. It also means that we probably won’t be selling at any convention artist alleys on the West Coast until after we can get the books printed, since our first small run of Book 1 is running low (we’ve got enough copies for about one convention still, so we’ll see). On the positive side, though, if we run the campaign next year we won’t have to scramble to get backer rewards sent out before the move. And hopefully the EU VATMOSS tax mess will have been sorted out by then, so that we won’t have to worry about trying to figure out whether our digital reward tiers are legal or not…

Again, thank you to the people who responded to the survey – we appreciate it! For the potential campaign rewards, a lot of people said they’d like to see short extra stories, so we’re thinking about which ones (backstory episodes, that sort of thing) might be fun to tell in the meantime, possibly as patron rewards for a Patreon campaign. We also had a good number of people say they were interested in cell phone charms or Pathtag charms, which we’ll definitely keep in mind for the next Kickstarter.  For back-of-the book extras, more in-depth info about the setting of Tamuran seemed to be the most popular choice – “world-building info – geography” got the highest number of votes, followed by “overview of the various types of magic and the Guardian Races.”