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Here’s the link to the survey again, for people who would be interested in pledging for Book 2 (see the previous two update posts). So far it doesn’t look like there are enough people interested in print books to warrant retrying the Kickstarter, but we’ll leave the form up for a while longer. If you want a book, let us know, and also give us your votes on what kinds of campaign rewards and book extras you’d like to see.

To answer a few questions that have come up: no, we’re not raising the price of the books to compensate for the increased cost per copy to print them. The book prices would be the same as they were in the last campaign, though we might change some of the reward tiers. And some people said that they weren’t interested in physical books but would pledge for PDF copies – unfortunately, this time PDFs would ONLY be available as a freebie tacked onto physical copies of the book. There won’t be any digital-only tiers for this campaign, as thanks to new tax legislation it’s not legal for us to sell digital products to anyone in the EU without taking on an administrative and data-collecting burden that we’re not equipped to handle. (Technically it would be Kickstarter’s responsibility to deal with the VAT issues, but it doesn’t look like they’re doing that…)