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(EDIT: Since someone expressed concern: no, we’re not raising the book’s price from last time. It’s just more expensive per copy for us to print them. Sorry for any confusion!)

To summarize last update’s post, we’re thinking about retrying the Kickstarter campaign to print Book 2 (with a lower goal, to print half the number of books this time), but since we can’t lower the campaign goal very much, we don’t want to run another campaign so soon if there isn’t enough interest in books to warrant it. So if you want a print copy of Book 2 (and/or Book 1), please let us know on this survey. The survey also has some optional questions on what you’d like to see as campaign rewards or back-of-the-book extras.

Please note that since we’re planning on moving this summer, the next opportunity for us to print Book 2 probably won’t be till 2016, and we will most likely not be able to print with the same local printer everyone liked so much for Book 1.

Also, we’ve finally set up a Tamuran group on deviantArt. Check it out and feel free to join if you’re on dA. (That announcement kind of got preempted by the more urgent Kickstarter news after we got the quote from the printers on Monday, hah.)