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IMPORTANT! Read this if you have ANY interest in print copies of Tamuran!

We contacted our local printer for a quote for a smaller number of books, to check on the feasibility of attempting another Book 2 printing Kickstarter campaign with a lower goal this spring. They got back to us today, and the price per copy is a bit higher than it was for the larger number of books. Basically, to be able to print half the number of copies we’d originally planned to print, plus account for fees, taxes, and shipping, we’d have to run a campaign to raise $5000. Our unsuccessful campaign in November ended at $3269, so we’re not sure whether $5000 is a reasonable amount to expect to raise or not. Hopefully a campaign run outside of the holiday season would be better timing for everyone who wants books, but it’s hard to make predictions. Checking around, this is probably the cheapest we’ll be able to print runs of two separate volumes at once, for the time being.

Most likely this is the ONLY time we’ll have a chance to run a campaign or print books until early 2016, since we are planning a move across the country this summer.  So if you have any interest in getting a book or books in the foreseeable future, please let us know. We’ve made a survey to gauge interest in books, with a few optional questions on what you’d like to see as campaign rewards or back-of-the-book extras for Book 2. No pressure or obligation, just let us know if you sincerely want print books (One response per person, obviously).

Let us know if you want print copies of Tamuran.We’re aware that anonymous survey results are not a good meter to base campaign expectations on, but we figure that it will let us know if there’s definitely not enough interest to merit reattempting a campaign. If there’s not much interest, then maybe it’s not the right time for a print run just yet and we should hold off till the comic has a bigger readership. But if we get a lot of responses, we will start thinking about planning another campaign (probably in March/April) and running the Kickstarter gauntlet again for you guys.

As always, thank you for reading!