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Sorry for the delay there. When I have a long scene that takes place all in the same spot, I’ll generally build a 3D model in Sketchup for reference, to use as a sort of ‘movie set’ so that I can keep the placement of everything consistent throughout the scene and get all the perspective right, and this one took a while (“I can just make boxes on wheels for the wagon placement, right? Wait, no, the undercarriage is going to be visible in just about all these shots. I should build that too. Okay, gotta find reference photos for vardo undercarriage suspension… ” Making sure everything in the model lines up where I need it for all the camera angles I want to use in the scene can be tricky sometimes, too). Probably I should’ve just bitten the bullet and taken a longer holiday break to get further along with this stuff… but the good news is that now I should be pretty well set for the rest of the scene. I might post some ‘behind the scenes’ shots of the models and my perspective guides on Tumblr later.