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(Inks for now.. the finished page will go up later today.)
(EDIT: Finished page is up.)

Due to the EU VAT regulation changes regarding digital sales that take effect on January 1, we’ll be removing the Book 1 PDFs from our online store on December 31. So if you wanted a digital copy of Book 1, especially if you live in the EU, you may want to buy it before then. Unfortunately, the way things stand with the legislation right now, it won’t be feasible for us to offer PDFs or other digital items (like Chezhnian’s Tamuran music or any side-story comics in the future) for sale anymore, at least until a) we find a third party platform to sell them through that will either handle the VAT taxes or allow us to deny sales to people in the EU (which SUCKS, since we know a lot of you live in Europe) or b) they sort things out and rework the new regulations, as it looks like they’re beginning to consider (hopefully!). This will potentially also affect any future Kickstarters for book printing and the Patreon campaign that we’d been planning to launch in January (which some of you had been asking about) – technically those platforms are supposed to be responsible for the tax details, but we haven’t been able to find any definitive answers on that yet. We’re sorry for such a sudden announcement, but we’ve only become aware of the issue within the last week or so, ourselves. We’ll keep an eye on things and see what happens.

If you’re a comic creator (or artist or writer or anyone who sells digital content) and you haven’t heard about this, you’ll definitely want to read up on it, since it affects EVERYONE who sells even a $1 PDF download to someone in the EU, no matter where the seller is located.

It’s looking like the holidays are going to be pretty unpredictable around here, schedule-wise, so I’m going to declare no comic updates on the 23rd or 26th so that I can try to work ahead on pages whenever I have time. I will post some holiday artwork (and a ‘present’ that some people have been requesting), though. In the meantime, happy Solstice and happy holidays to all of you.