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Less than two days left in the Book 2 Kickstarter campaign – it ends at 9pm EST on Wednesday. Obviously at this point the chances of making our goal are very low, unless something extraordinary happens and half the Internet becomes aware of our comic overnight (if you know of a venue for that to happen that doesn’t involve adorable cat videos or setting something on fire, we’re all ears. ;P )

If you were going to pledge for a book, please go ahead and do so anyway – it’ll let us see how much genuine interest there is in buying books, and since the campaign is all-or-nothing you won’t be charged if the goal isn’t met.  As for when we’ll make another attempt at getting Book 2 printed, it’s hard to say at this point. We’re going to talk to our local printer about whether they’ll give us a lower price per copy for a smaller number of books, and if that’s feasible we might try running another Kickstarter with a lower goal in a few months. However, we’re looking at a move across the country in the spring if all goes according to plan, and we don’t want that disrupting or delaying backers getting their rewards. After the move, it’s hard to say how soon we’ll be in a position to run a Kickstarter campaign.

To those were looking forward to the books (as some of you have told us), we are really sorry to be letting you down for the moment. And to everyone who’s contributed or helped to spread the word about the campaign, thank you so very much. We’ve been honored to receive such an incredible amount of support and encouragement over the last month, especially during what is for most people a very busy, stressful, and monetarily tight time of year, and we are extremely grateful to all of you.

No update this Friday, so that I can make some headway on new pages before holiday stuff gets really busy, since Chapter 13 is architecture- and background-intensive and I’ve been out of buffer pages since the beginning of the chapter.

As for the “ask the characters” question box for the Book 2 extras, I’ll be taking down the button in the sidebar once the campaign ends, but I’ll leave the form open, so you’ll still be able to submit questions here if you wanted to.

And as always, thank you for reading!