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Just over a week left in the Book 2 Kickstarter campaign. If you want a book, now’s the time to pledge for one. And if you’re holding off because you figure we won’t make the goal in time anyway, please don’t! Anything can happen in a week, and if we don’t make the goal, no one will be charged.

What we could really use is help spreading the word about the campaign, anywhere and everywhere you can think of that people might like the comic. If you’re on Tumblr, I’ve written a ‘one week left’ post that you can reblog if you like. We’d greatly appreciate any signal boosting you can do!

Oh, and if you missed it, we added tree creature plushies sewn by Chezhnian to the campaign rewards:

(click (and then scroll down) for the update post explaining the sordid backstory of the Tree Creature Plushie)

Fear the plushie.

…just don’t tell Varony.

New vote incentive on Top Webcomics is a very very rough sketch of the Genisai-and-knotwork picture that will be one of the prints for the campaign.

Thank you, as always, for reading.