Chapter 12: The Cazrimar

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Welcome back! Chapter 12 begins! Also….

The Tamuran store is now open!
 We finally have a Tamuran store! Chezhnian has been hard at work getting it all set up, and it is now open for orders. We have copies of Book 1 in softcover and PDF, shiny buttons and bookmarks, art prints, Tamuran map prints, and even limited numbers of character teas and Chezhnian’s crocheted tiny elk and ravens. So if you’ve wanted a book or any other Tamuran merch, please take a look at the shop. Note that we will be offering Books 1 and 2 together when we do our fundraising drive to print Book 2 in a few months, but that of course will depend on our meeting our funding goals, and will probably ship out a few months after the campaign… so if you want your book sooner than that, the store might be a better bet. (None of the other items in the store will be offered through the Book 2 campaign.)

One more note: Robin of LeyLines has invited us to contribute a comic for her Book 3 printing campaign as a stretch goal. I’ll talk more about it on Friday, but for now you can read about it on her campaign page. Go check it out!