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Aww, group hug!
(disclaimer: there are exactly 0 group hugs in this story. As of this writing, anyway.)

Thus ends Chapter 12 and Book 2 of the comic. Right now Chezhnian is working on the Chapter 14 script, and I am storyboarding out Chapter 13 and drawing the first few pages. This Friday we’ll post some artwork, and Monday, if the campaign is approved in time, will be the start of our Book 2 Kickstarter (about which I am both excited and nervous as hell). Then Friday the 14th will be the beginning of Chapter 13 and Book 3.

We hope you’re all enjoying the story – we’ve got lots of fun things ahead. As always, thank you for reading!

(Also, the new TWC vote incentive is the character portrait art I did for our new ad banners that you may have seen floating around recently.)