Chapter 12 Page 10

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Hey guys, since I’m currently working on a new, more professional-looking website design for the comic, we wanted to put up a suggestion box and see what you’d like to see on the new site. Here are some things that we’re currently planning:

– Larger, more readable comic pages
– Doing away with the light-on-dark text
– A usefully navigable archive page
– More convenient links to things like Facebook and Twitter (yes, we have a Facebook page, maintained by Chezhnian)
– Updated Cast page, with a ‘new-reader-safe’ version of major character profiles and a ‘spoiler’ version for current readers who want a refresher on who’s who and who did what
– Updated World page, with lexicon updates and a map of Tamuran
– A Links page that is not five years out of date
– An FAQ section

If there is anything not on the list that you’d like us to consider, or if you have any suggestions for FAQ questions, please let us know via this survey.

As always, thank you for reading!