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There’s less than a week to go in the LeyLines Volume 3 Kickstarter campaign that Chezhnian and I are contributing a comic for (if they reach our designated stretch goal level). They’ve made their base goal and are well on their way to the first stretch goal. Our level is one of the higher ones, but with nearly a week left, anything can happen. Take a look at their campaign, and help get the word out if you’re so inclined!

In other spreading-the-word news, Amya is running a Kickstarter to print a 350-page volume of the first part of their comic, complete with extra artwork, short stories, and a gold-foil-embossed cover. And Brittany, the artist for the first eight chapters of Snow by Night, is having an Etsy shop sale to help make her rent for the month  – you can read about it here, and visit the shop here. Definitely check it out if you’re a fan of Doctor Who (circular Gallifreyan language art especially).

And while I’m linking things, the folks on this Tumblr are holding a summer Silmarillion read-along, complete with readers’ guides and team activities (I’m not on Tumblr, but I’m forcing Chezhnian to read along with me. So far she is surprisingly enthusiastic, for someone who has been made to sit through as many spontaneous lectures on Elvish etymologies as she has…)

There you go. Go forth and click stuff! And read comics! And have an awesome weekend!