Chapter 11 Page 37

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Got a late start on this page – I’ll post the finished version later today. The good news is that I finally have the page layouts for the rest of the chapter (that’ve been giving me a lot of trouble) mostly worked out – looks like chapter 11 will be about 54 pages. The chapter 12 script is pretty much done but for last minute tweaking (and last-last-minute ‘wait, that doesn’t work, we need to rewrite this whole exchange!’, but for the most part I think we’re good).

It probably doesn’t help that I’m down to almost the end of my bottle of ink and my current pen nib’s getting worn down, which makes inking take longer because the ink doesn’t flow quite as smoothly, especially on fine detail work. I keep saying, “I can still get some mileage out of these… one more page, THEN I’ll open the new bottle and put in a new nib… ” but I think I need to give it up… come to think of it, I have a new plastic pen holder to replace my deteriorating wooden one, but I haven’t switched over to that one yet, either, just because I like the wood better…

EDIT: Finished page posted.