Chapter 10: The Traveler’s Tale

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Chapter 10. Been waiting for this one.

The intermission ask-the-characters questions (and comments) are still up for now, if you missed them… I’ll move them out of the archive next update. If you had questions for the characters and didn’t get them in on time, feel free to mail them to us or post them in the comments, and we’ll see about posting the answers as vote incentives, once I’ve got the Book 1 files re-sent (see below) and some more progress made on Chapter 10 pages.

Update on the Book 1 print run: The printers aren’t sure why their equipment is having trouble with some of our files, but they’ve offered us a different printing option that will hopefully work better. So I’m currently working on reformatting and re-saving all the pages to resubmit the files and try again. Indiegogo backers, we apologize for all the delays!