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End chapter 10.
Riding animals don’t seem to have much luck in this comic so far…

As I’ve been mentioning, we’re going to hold off starting Chapter 11 while we finish up the script and get the chapter ready to go (and work on getting books and backer rewards out to our Indiegogo contributors). Don’t worry, it’s not that we’re stuck with the plot or anything, just that some scenes require some time-consuming rewrites before we can move on to final editing and page-planning, and Chezhnian’s working hard on it whenever time permits. (For those who don’t know, the rough draft of the script is a series of roleplay/collaborative-writing chat logs going back over five years.  It’s still ongoing, but we’ve got a lot of story sketched out far ahead of the comic.)  It’s hard to predict how long edits and everything will take, but we’re aiming to start Chapter 11 on November 8, the Friday after Nekocon; or the following Tuesday if necessary.

In the meantime we’ll be posting art updates on Tuesdays and possibly Fridays. If you’d like to send in guest art for us to feature for updates, you’re still very welcome to do that.  And if you’re going to Nekocon, please stop by and see us in the Artists Alley! If you’re still speaking to us after the chapter-end cliffhanger, that is… (you’re still welcome to come to our table and stare angrily if you’re not speaking to us, too.)

As always, thank you for reading. :)