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Ok. So it’s been about two weeks now back from Otakon and even though we are getting ready for Intervention (see the previous update for our panel schedule), it FINALLY seems like there is a brief moment to breathe…or not.  Anyway…

The first time we were at Otakon to vend in the Artist Alley (and the first time I had EVER been to Otakon) we debuted the serial  of our first chapter. That was three years ago! This year we came back with our first volume! It seems Otakon is a con for ‘firsts’!

In short we had a great time!  We got to meet a lot of new people and reconnect with old friends, sold lots of books and chatted with new readers.   Thanks everyone for making our Otakon awesome!

wow… did I actually write a SHORT con report?

Some the fabulous artists and studios at Otakon:

Jen Zyren Smith – LaSalle’s Legacy

Savannah Houston-McIntyre – Amya

Technoangel Studio


Cari Corene – Toilet Genie

Sakky – Senshi Stock


Eric and Brittany – Snow By Night

Ruth and the gals of The Five Wits

Shazzbaa  – Rune Writers

Stephanie Stober – Final Arcanum