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It hasn’t come up yet in-comic, but for reference, she can’t change from one animal form to another – she has to turn back to herself in between.

We’re going to be at Intervention this weekend! If you haven’t heard about Intervention (the name is a portmanteau of “Internet Convention”), it’s a geek culture convention that focuses on people who publish things online – webcomics, art, writing, video, music, dance, and anything else you can think of.  It’s a great con for meeting and hanging out with creators, whether you’re a creator yourself or a reader/watcher/fan.  We’ve been guest panelists at the con since it started a few years ago, and it is an awesome event – definitely a unique experience as conventions go. This year we’ll be in the Artists’ Alley and speaking on panels again, and we’re very much looking forward to it.

Here’s our panel schedule for the weekend:

Friday 3pm – World Building 101 (with T Campbell and Phil Kahn of Guilded Age)
Friday 6pm – Astrology and Tarot as Writing Tools (with Jennifer Zyren Smith of LaSalle’s Legacy. The panel’s not for writing ABOUT astrology and Tarot, it’s about how you can use astrology and Tarot cards to help you generate and develop plot ideas and flesh out characters.)

Saturday 10am – Writing for Fantasy Stories (with Pete Abrams of Sluggy Freelance and Robin Dempsey of Ley Lines)

Sunday 11am – Writing Three-Dimensional Characters (with Pete Abrams and Robin Dempsey)
Sunday 12pm – The Artist/Writer Relationship (with Shaenon Garrity and Jeffrey Wells of Skin Horse)

We hope to see you there, if you’re in the DC area!

And Chezhnian’s still working on the Otakon convention report – there’s been a lot going on. Look for it on Friday, if preparations for this weekend’s con don’t get in the way.