Chapter 10 Page 17

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This is why the tree-creature gets The Fool card in the Webcomics Tarot Project. It’s not always about doing something foolish so much as it’s about closing your eyes and taking a leap of faith (though sometimes the line between those two can be debatable, certainly. As for which one it was this time, I guess Varony will find out…) Other facets of the meaning: innocence, naivete, new beginnings, unlimited possibility. And if you like tree symbolism, on the card you’ll find ash for journeying between realms and birch for beginnings.

now, Traveler-Varony gets a different card for his path in the story, but that’s for another day. I’ve probably mentioned it at some point, but we’ve come up with Tarot-character correspondences for just about all the major arcana. I’d like to paint a Tamuran Tarot deck someday… years from now, after all the characters have been introduced in the comic…