Chapter 10 Page 11

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The thing he’s technically-not-kind-of-lying about starts on this page, back in chapter 5.

Hey, we’re going to be guests again at Intervention Con this year (in Rockville, MD, August 23-25) and wanted to give you a heads-up that the preregistration rate is currently $35, but will increase to $40 on July 1. It’s a great convention for getting to know all sorts of webcomic creators and other people who publish their art/writing/music/creative stuff via the internet. If you’re free that weekend, come out and see us!

As for the print books, the printer has let me know that they received the latest batch of reformatted files (I had to mail them on a thumb drive because they were too big to upload) and they’ll be looking over them and setting them up to print a new proof. We’ll keep you posted.