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And with that, Chapter 1 comes to a close!

Unfortunately that means we’ll be taking a short break to get Chapter 2 in order and ready to go (so as to avoid delays like the ones I’d been having trouble with for this page). HOWEVER… you should definitely keep checking back here on Tuesdays and Fridays – we have some cool things lined up to post for you, and not just of the visual variety. Besides being a writer and artist, Chezhnian is also a talented composer and is in the process of writing soundtrack music for Tamuran. Check in on Tuesday for a preview of one of the pieces she’s been working on. Just so you know, though, we’ll be taking down all the music and extras once Chapter 2 starts, so don’t wait till then to visit the site…

We have also set up a Formspring for you guys to play with while you’re waiting for new pages – so feel free to ask the creators or characters anything you like. Just keep it clean, please, and bear in mind that we’re not going to be handing out major spoilers. :P

Thank you to everybody for reading!