Main Characters

Nashua Nashua Nikae
(na-SHU-ah ni-KYE)
One of the wild elves who live deep in the mountain forests of Tamuran. Nashua was guardian of the herd of Moon Stags that were the sacred protectors of his village, until one day both the stags and his entire clan vanished without a trace. After weeks of fruitless searching, he and his silver raven Talather turn to the capital city of Tamuran to seek the King’s aid and bring him a warning…
Varony Varony Domravilla
(VAIR-on-nee dom-ra-VEE-lah)
A cheerful young man from the nomadic Traveler clan Domravilla, who recently struck out on his own to see something of the world for himself. He apparently has some memory issues regarding his life beyond a few years ago, but that doesn’t seem to bother him in the least…
Kip Kipnerys Jintaudri
(kip-NAIR-iss zhin-TODD-ree)
Kip is a Morphus, a member of the magical Tu Naul race with the ability to shapeshift into different animal forms. She was bound in the form of a lemur and companioned for sixty years to the court physician of Tamuran, Lady Cathrine Jynsen. She greatly enjoys her life at court, but since Cathrine’s death she has found herself adrift in the confusion of the mortal realm. That is, until a chance meeting sends her life in an even more confusing direction…
Ranon Ranon Sun’arda
(RAN-on soon-AR-dah)
The youngest prince of Tamuran, Ranon has lived a rigidly structured life devoted mainly to his studies. Since childhood he has been able to hear the voices of the ancestral spirits that haunt the walls of the palace, an ability that secretly designates him as the heir to the throne, but when that secret falls into the wrong hands, stone walls and the kingdom’s most elite guards and most powerful wizards may not be able to protect him, especially from threats arising from within the palace itself…
Hhr'skhygh Hhr’skhygh
(??? – unpronounceable by humans. Imagine tiger vocalizations to get an idea of what it sounds like.)
A lastre anduatha who hails from the mysterious Old Wood, deep in the heart of the Wilde. Hhr’skhygh is highly curious and, for a predatory beast larger than a horse, has a fantastic knack for getting himself into places where he doesn’t belong. However, his true purpose in traveling so far from the wilderness is known only to himself…

Side Characters

Ashlar Ashlar Sun’arda (ASH-lar soon-AR-dah)
Second son of the Patriarch of Tamuran, younger brother to Johlan and elder brother to Ranon.
Johlan Johlan Sun’arda (JOE-lon soon-AR-dah)
Eldest son of the Patriarch of Tamuran, elder brother to Ashlar and Ranon.
Rais Rais (RAY-iss)
Johlan and Ashlar’s main contact with the Sorcerers.
Talather Talather (ta-LATH-er)
Nashua’s silver raven companion.
Mme de'Tuliae Madame de’Tuliae
Proprietress of the Coff Inn. She makes a practice of taking in down-on-their-luck young women and giving them a home and employment.
Ka Nuu Ka Nuu (KAH-noo)
Nashua’s riding elk. Highly opinionated.
Dr. Cathrine Jynsen Cathrine Jynsen
The late court physician of Tamuran. Formerly Kip’s bound Companion.
Serene Serene
A young woman who entreats Nashua, Varony, and Kip for help one night.
Chamberlain Grahm Chamberlain Grahm
Patriarch Leius’s royal chamberlain, also served Leius’s father before him. Has finely-honed skill in the art of ignoring people.
Patriarch Leius Sun'arda Patriarch Leius Sun’arda (LEE-us soon-AR-dah)
Patriarch of Tamuran since the age of 27. Father of Johlan, Ashlar, and Ranon.
Captain Morgen Owings Captain Morgen Owings, Zharus Guard
Captain of Johlan and Ashlar’s personal guard, head of palace intelligence. Loves coffee. His Morphus companion is a cobra.
Mistress Lana Denoon Mistress Lana Denoon
Head of the palace Veil Wizards, longtime close friend and confidante of Patriarch Leius.
Padrias Padrias
One of the Veil Wizards employed in the Wizards’ Wing of the palace.
Devlin Devlin
Ranon’s manservant and best friend. He has served the Prince for many years.
Guardsman Liem Blaine Liem Blaine, Zharus Guard
One of Ashlar and Johlan’s personal guard and weapons-master for the Zharus Guard. His Morphus companion is a wolf.