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Chapter 13 Page 30

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The elf Nashua’s talking to is Gideon Weaveforger, a Blacksmith/Druid from the Knight Realms LARP (check it out; their photo galleries are awesome), whose player pledged for a cameo in our Book 1 Indiegogo fundraiser. (We’d originally planned for the campaign cameos to come during the travel montage in chapter 10, but his player didn’t mind waiting for a nicer cameo spot that suited the character better, so here he is… finally!)  Thank you again, Geoffrey!

(edit: fixed the Knight Realms link – it had a stray copy-pasted punctuation mark in it. Should work now!)

Chapter 13 Page 29

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Liz Staley’s Kickstarter for Book 3 of her comic, Adrastus, is just over halfway through, with just under half of her goal raised. If you like giant robots (or The X-Files, or 80’s anime like Ronin Warriors), go check it out!

Vote on Top Webcomics to see design sketches for Claudia, the lady who confronted Kip and Varony at the gate into Hiancea earlier in the chapter.

As always, thank you for reading!

Chapter 13 Page 26

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Besides the Dragons, the Travelers revere many minor deities and patron spirits. Nauncia is a goddess of travel (and thus of particular importance), and is often invoked in this sort of context.

Liz Staley’s Kickstarter to fund Volume 3 of her webcomic, Adrastus, is just shy of hitting $1k! Go take a look, and also read Adrastus. The story is a modern take on the 70’s and 80’s giant robot anime genre, with a plot that’s part serious and part affectionate parody. It’s a really fun comic that deserves way more readers.

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First off, our friend Liz over at Adrastus has launched a Kickstarter to fund the printing of her third volume. Go check it out! Classic-anime-style giant robots, badass motorcycle-racing heroines, secret agents, aliens, tabloid reporters, fun all around. :D

As for our Book 2 printing survey, thanks again to everyone who responded. I mentioned last week that it doesn’t look like there’s currently enough interest in print books to warrant another Kickstarter attempt so soon. So for now we’re going to focus on other things, like making more comic – finishing Chapter 13 and making progress on Chapter 14 – rather than spending a month on intensive Kickstarter promotion. Unfortunately, printing Book 2 next year after we’ve moved means that we won’t be able to print with the local printer that did such nice work on Book 1. It also means that we probably won’t be selling at any convention artist alleys on the West Coast until after we can get the books printed, since our first small run of Book 1 is running low (we’ve got enough copies for about one convention still, so we’ll see). On the positive side, though, if we run the campaign next year we won’t have to scramble to get backer rewards sent out before the move. And hopefully the EU VATMOSS tax mess will have been sorted out by then, so that we won’t have to worry about trying to figure out whether our digital reward tiers are legal or not…

Again, thank you to the people who responded to the survey – we appreciate it! For the potential campaign rewards, a lot of people said they’d like to see short extra stories, so we’re thinking about which ones (backstory episodes, that sort of thing) might be fun to tell in the meantime, possibly as patron rewards for a Patreon campaign. We also had a good number of people say they were interested in cell phone charms or Pathtag charms, which we’ll definitely keep in mind for the next Kickstarter.  For back-of-the book extras, more in-depth info about the setting of Tamuran seemed to be the most popular choice – “world-building info – geography” got the highest number of votes, followed by “overview of the various types of magic and the Guardian Races.”

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Here’s the link to the survey again, for people who would be interested in pledging for Book 2 (see the previous two update posts). So far it doesn’t look like there are enough people interested in print books to warrant retrying the Kickstarter, but we’ll leave the form up for a while longer. If you want a book, let us know, and also give us your votes on what kinds of campaign rewards and book extras you’d like to see.

To answer a few questions that have come up: no, we’re not raising the price of the books to compensate for the increased cost per copy to print them. The book prices would be the same as they were in the last campaign, though we might change some of the reward tiers. And some people said that they weren’t interested in physical books but would pledge for PDF copies – unfortunately, this time PDFs would ONLY be available as a freebie tacked onto physical copies of the book. There won’t be any digital-only tiers for this campaign, as thanks to new tax legislation it’s not legal for us to sell digital products to anyone in the EU without taking on an administrative and data-collecting burden that we’re not equipped to handle. (Technically it would be Kickstarter’s responsibility to deal with the VAT issues, but it doesn’t look like they’re doing that…)

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(EDIT: Since someone expressed concern: no, we’re not raising the book’s price from last time. It’s just more expensive per copy for us to print them. Sorry for any confusion!)

To summarize last update’s post, we’re thinking about retrying the Kickstarter campaign to print Book 2 (with a lower goal, to print half the number of books this time), but since we can’t lower the campaign goal very much, we don’t want to run another campaign so soon if there isn’t enough interest in books to warrant it. So if you want a print copy of Book 2 (and/or Book 1), please let us know on this survey. The survey also has some optional questions on what you’d like to see as campaign rewards or back-of-the-book extras.

Please note that since we’re planning on moving this summer, the next opportunity for us to print Book 2 probably won’t be till 2016, and we will most likely not be able to print with the same local printer everyone liked so much for Book 1.

Also, we’ve finally set up a Tamuran group on deviantArt. Check it out and feel free to join if you’re on dA. (That announcement kind of got preempted by the more urgent Kickstarter news after we got the quote from the printers on Monday, hah.)

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IMPORTANT! Read this if you have ANY interest in print copies of Tamuran!

We contacted our local printer for a quote for a smaller number of books, to check on the feasibility of attempting another Book 2 printing Kickstarter campaign with a lower goal this spring. They got back to us today, and the price per copy is a bit higher than it was for the larger number of books. Basically, to be able to print half the number of copies we’d originally planned to print, plus account for fees, taxes, and shipping, we’d have to run a campaign to raise $5000. Our unsuccessful campaign in November ended at $3269, so we’re not sure whether $5000 is a reasonable amount to expect to raise or not. Hopefully a campaign run outside of the holiday season would be better timing for everyone who wants books, but it’s hard to make predictions. Checking around, this is probably the cheapest we’ll be able to print runs of two separate volumes at once, for the time being.

Most likely this is the ONLY time we’ll have a chance to run a campaign or print books until early 2016, since we are planning a move across the country this summer.  So if you have any interest in getting a book or books in the foreseeable future, please let us know. We’ve made a survey to gauge interest in books, with a few optional questions on what you’d like to see as campaign rewards or back-of-the-book extras for Book 2. No pressure or obligation, just let us know if you sincerely want print books (One response per person, obviously).

Let us know if you want print copies of Tamuran.We’re aware that anonymous survey results are not a good meter to base campaign expectations on, but we figure that it will let us know if there’s definitely not enough interest to merit reattempting a campaign. If there’s not much interest, then maybe it’s not the right time for a print run just yet and we should hold off till the comic has a bigger readership. But if we get a lot of responses, we will start thinking about planning another campaign (probably in March/April) and running the Kickstarter gauntlet again for you guys.

As always, thank you for reading!

Chapter 13 Page 17

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Sorry for the delay there. When I have a long scene that takes place all in the same spot, I’ll generally build a 3D model in Sketchup for reference, to use as a sort of ‘movie set’ so that I can keep the placement of everything consistent throughout the scene and get all the perspective right, and this one took a while (“I can just make boxes on wheels for the wagon placement, right? Wait, no, the undercarriage is going to be visible in just about all these shots. I should build that too. Okay, gotta find reference photos for vardo undercarriage suspension… ” Making sure everything in the model lines up where I need it for all the camera angles I want to use in the scene can be tricky sometimes, too). Probably I should’ve just bitten the bullet and taken a longer holiday break to get further along with this stuff… but the good news is that now I should be pretty well set for the rest of the scene. I might post some ‘behind the scenes’ shots of the models and my perspective guides on Tumblr later.

Chapter 13 Page 15

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Sorry for the inks, but even anticipating all the background work this page is taking way longer than I expected it to. (I listened to almost the entire BBC Good Omens radio drama during the inking alone… which is about 3-4 times longer than inking usually takes. Probably could’ve gotten through the last episode, but I was really really hoping at that point that the rest of what I had to ink would not take an entire hour to finish. Wishful thinking, hah.) I like drawing detailed backgrounds sometimes, but man do they take forever.

(EDIT: Finished page is up.)

Chapter 13 Page 12

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Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of the comic site going live. We’ve come a long way since then, I think, and we’ve got a LOT of story to tell yet – we can’t wait to share it with you. Thank you to everyone for joining us on the ride!

(I’ll leave the previous artwork post up till I get a minute to add the wallpapers to the ‘extras’ page.)

Chapter 13 Page 11

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Inks for now – with holiday/family stuff the week’s been busier than I expected. I’m going to say that Friday’s update will be the art and the ‘present’ I’d planned to post last week… since the amount of backgrounds and perspective work in this chapter mean I really need to be working ahead. (Wish me luck.)

(EDIT: Finished page uploaded.)

Chapter 13 Page 10

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(Inks for now.. the finished page will go up later today.)
(EDIT: Finished page is up.)

Due to the EU VAT regulation changes regarding digital sales that take effect on January 1, we’ll be removing the Book 1 PDFs from our online store on December 31. So if you wanted a digital copy of Book 1, especially if you live in the EU, you may want to buy it before then. Unfortunately, the way things stand with the legislation right now, it won’t be feasible for us to offer PDFs or other digital items (like Chezhnian’s Tamuran music or any side-story comics in the future) for sale anymore, at least until a) we find a third party platform to sell them through that will either handle the VAT taxes or allow us to deny sales to people in the EU (which SUCKS, since we know a lot of you live in Europe) or b) they sort things out and rework the new regulations, as it looks like they’re beginning to consider (hopefully!). This will potentially also affect any future Kickstarters for book printing and the Patreon campaign that we’d been planning to launch in January (which some of you had been asking about) – technically those platforms are supposed to be responsible for the tax details, but we haven’t been able to find any definitive answers on that yet. We’re sorry for such a sudden announcement, but we’ve only become aware of the issue within the last week or so, ourselves. We’ll keep an eye on things and see what happens.

If you’re a comic creator (or artist or writer or anyone who sells digital content) and you haven’t heard about this, you’ll definitely want to read up on it, since it affects EVERYONE who sells even a $1 PDF download to someone in the EU, no matter where the seller is located.

It’s looking like the holidays are going to be pretty unpredictable around here, schedule-wise, so I’m going to declare no comic updates on the 23rd or 26th so that I can try to work ahead on pages whenever I have time. I will post some holiday artwork (and a ‘present’ that some people have been requesting), though. In the meantime, happy Solstice and happy holidays to all of you.

Chapter 13 Page 08

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Less than two days left in the Book 2 Kickstarter campaign – it ends at 9pm EST on Wednesday. Obviously at this point the chances of making our goal are very low, unless something extraordinary happens and half the Internet becomes aware of our comic overnight (if you know of a venue for that to happen that doesn’t involve adorable cat videos or setting something on fire, we’re all ears. ;P )

If you were going to pledge for a book, please go ahead and do so anyway – it’ll let us see how much genuine interest there is in buying books, and since the campaign is all-or-nothing you won’t be charged if the goal isn’t met.  As for when we’ll make another attempt at getting Book 2 printed, it’s hard to say at this point. We’re going to talk to our local printer about whether they’ll give us a lower price per copy for a smaller number of books, and if that’s feasible we might try running another Kickstarter with a lower goal in a few months. However, we’re looking at a move across the country in the spring if all goes according to plan, and we don’t want that disrupting or delaying backers getting their rewards. After the move, it’s hard to say how soon we’ll be in a position to run a Kickstarter campaign.

To those were looking forward to the books (as some of you have told us), we are really sorry to be letting you down for the moment. And to everyone who’s contributed or helped to spread the word about the campaign, thank you so very much. We’ve been honored to receive such an incredible amount of support and encouragement over the last month, especially during what is for most people a very busy, stressful, and monetarily tight time of year, and we are extremely grateful to all of you.

No update this Friday, so that I can make some headway on new pages before holiday stuff gets really busy, since Chapter 13 is architecture- and background-intensive and I’ve been out of buffer pages since the beginning of the chapter.

As for the “ask the characters” question box for the Book 2 extras, I’ll be taking down the button in the sidebar once the campaign ends, but I’ll leave the form open, so you’ll still be able to submit questions here if you wanted to.

And as always, thank you for reading!

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I took down the Kickstarter widget in the sidebar because it started displaying funny a day or so ago. There’s still a few days left in the Book 2 campaign – it runs till December 10 at 9pm EST. If you’d like a book (or books, if you don’t have Book 1) be sure to pledge for one, and if you want to submit questions for the characters to answer in the Book 2 extras the form is here. And if you have anywhere to share the campaign or recommend the comic, we’d be grateful!

(Edit: Kickstarter widget seems to be behaving again, so I put it back up.)

Chapter 13 Page 06

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Just over a week left in the Book 2 Kickstarter campaign. If you want a book, now’s the time to pledge for one. And if you’re holding off because you figure we won’t make the goal in time anyway, please don’t! Anything can happen in a week, and if we don’t make the goal, no one will be charged.

What we could really use is help spreading the word about the campaign, anywhere and everywhere you can think of that people might like the comic. If you’re on Tumblr, I’ve written a ‘one week left’ post that you can reblog if you like. We’d greatly appreciate any signal boosting you can do!

Oh, and if you missed it, we added tree creature plushies sewn by Chezhnian to the campaign rewards:

(click (and then scroll down) for the update post explaining the sordid backstory of the Tree Creature Plushie)

Fear the plushie.

…just don’t tell Varony.

New vote incentive on Top Webcomics is a very very rough sketch of the Genisai-and-knotwork picture that will be one of the prints for the campaign.

Thank you, as always, for reading.

Chapter 13 Page 04

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Just a note that I finally made a Tumblr blog… my social-media-impaired brain is still getting the hang of it, but I’ll be posting comic update notices there (starting Friday), as well as sketches and other things once in a while (some Tamuran-related, some not). You can find it here.

We’re halfway through the Book 2 Kickstarter campaign and only 26% funded so far… Anything can happen in two weeks, though, so there’s still a chance that we’ll be able to print these books for you guys. We’ll be promoting the campaign however we can, but we could definitely use the help if you have anyplace you can give us a signal boost. We’d appreciate it!

(oh, and you may want to keep an eye on the campaign page this week… we’ll be adding a limited-number pledge tier with something Chezhnian’s been working on that a number of people have expressed interest in in the past…)

One last thing, as of this posting the Chirault Volume 1 Kickstarter has just a few hours to go… so if you see this in the morning (EST) you still have time to contribute.

(And one last last thing, we hope everyone in the US has a great Thanksgiving, and we hope everyone else has a great week!)

Chapter 13 Page 03

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Just a note that the Chirault Volume 1 Kickstarter is in its last few days. On its way to a pretty cool stretch goal, so go take a look!

As for our Book 2 Kickstarter, it’s been pretty slow going, but we’ve got some time yet. If you’d like to help us out by spreading the word, we could use the boost!

For convenience, here’s the link to the question box to submit suggestions for things to ask the characters for the Book 2 extras. I’ll put up a link in the sidebar later today.

Chapter 13 Page 02

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First orders of business! The Kickstarter campaign for After Dark, a comedy webcomic about vampires in the modern age and what happens when society catches on to their existence, is in its final days and very close to making its goal. Go take a look!

Second: One of the extras in the back of Book 2 is an ask-the-characters mini-comic. We’d like to give you guys a chance to send in questions you want to see them be forced to answer, so we’ve set up a question box to take suggestions.  You can ask as many questions as you like, and they can be as serious or as off-the-wall as you want – the form’s anonymous, we won’t judge (though when we choose which questions to include we won’t use any above a PG-13 rating or so. And we won’t be divulging major spoilers, of course, though you might get some character backstory here and there if you ask the right things…). Once upon a time we had a Formspring page where the characters would answer reader questions, and it was a lot of fun, so we figured we’d try out the same sort of thing for the book. So here you go, have at it!

Now on to the less fun stuff:

We’ve recently started getting complaints from readers about the hostility going on in the comments. We don’t like censoring people’s opinions, but when they’re interfering with other readers’ enjoyment of the comic or discouraging them from participating in the conversation, there’s a problem. It’s fine if you disagree with or dislike the characters – we’re not writing them to make them “likeable” all the time, we’re writing them to be people. Sometimes they make mistakes or do stupid things (for their own reasons), and some of them (all of them, really) have a lot to learn over the course of the story. And we think it’s pretty cool that readers are able to get behind the characters’ varying points of view – even of characters that WE as the writers don’t necessarily agree with. There are a lot of shades of gray to the comic and its characters, and a lot of opportunity for readers to have conflicting opinions. Sometimes people have very strong opinions, and sometimes people get carried away expressing them, we get that.

But above all else we want ALL our readers to feel welcome to comment and enjoy the discussion, without feeling like they have to be prepared to engage in heated debate to defend their opinions when they speak up. A few people have told us that they try to avoid even scrolling down to the comments because of all the outrage and character-directed hate getting thrown around in recent scenes, and that they’re getting discouraged from commenting because they feel like they’re going to be attacked by people who disagree with them, or like they’re going to start a flame war if they voice or defend an unpopular opinion. And that’s not a good thing. Even if only a few people feel that way, that’s too many – that is not the kind of environment we want to foster for readers to hang out in here. Friendly debate over plot points or character motivation is awesome, but please keep your comments civil and respectful of other readers, and of viewpoints that might be different from yours. You don’t have to inform people of all the reasons you think that they’re “wrong” just because they say something you don’t agree with. And it’s fine if you want to react to the characters with things like “wow, he’s irritating” or “WTF, Kip” or “somebody needs a bucket of ice water to the face” or what have you, but all the name-calling, bashing on, and exhorting violence against your least favorite characters edges on unnecessary, especially when you’re doing it in replies to other readers who may not appreciate it.

Not that these things are happening ALL the time, but apparently they’ve happened enough that some readers don’t feel comfortable voicing their own opinions in the comments. This being the internet, and communication taking place solely through text without any other cues to go on, use of italics and lots of exclamation points can go a long way, even if you don’t intend to sound hostile.  So please tone down the (apparent) outrage and be considerate of other readers when you’re commenting.  You’re welcome to disagree with people, but be mindful of how you’re expressing it. Have fun, just play nice.

Note that we have no desire to discourage negative opinions or feedback on our work. We are ALWAYS open to honest criticism of the writing, storytelling, art, or anything else – if you think our story is full of godawful plot holes or our writing of the characters is offensive and unrealistic, by all means let us know. But at the heart of everything, this site and the comments are supposed to be for fun – for everyone to enjoy the comic (we hope!) and engage and connect with us and with other readers, not for shouting down people who disagree with your take on how the story should go.

We think all our readers are awesome, and we truly feel honored that you come back here every week to follow our story. Thank you again for reading, and thank you for telling us what you think (good and bad) about the comic.

Chapter 13: Eyes Everywhere

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Welcome to Book 3!

And if you haven’t yet, please check out our Kickstarter campaign if you would like a copy of Book 2. (And share the link if you can – we’ve got a long way to go yet…)

Speaking of webcomics on Kickstarter, O Human Star’s campaign has less than two days to go, Chirault Volume 1 is blasting through its stretch goals, and After Daylight, a comedy webcomic about vampires trying to get by in the age of Youtube and thermographic cameras, has five days left and $1200 to go. Go take a look!

We also have a new addition to the fan art gallery – my brother Sean drew us a comic to answer the frequently-asked question, “Where did the wyrmlings go?”

Chapter 12 Page 31

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Aww, group hug!
(disclaimer: there are exactly 0 group hugs in this story. As of this writing, anyway.)

Thus ends Chapter 12 and Book 2 of the comic. Right now Chezhnian is working on the Chapter 14 script, and I am storyboarding out Chapter 13 and drawing the first few pages. This Friday we’ll post some artwork, and Monday, if the campaign is approved in time, will be the start of our Book 2 Kickstarter (about which I am both excited and nervous as hell). Then Friday the 14th will be the beginning of Chapter 13 and Book 3.

We hope you’re all enjoying the story – we’ve got lots of fun things ahead. As always, thank you for reading!

(Also, the new TWC vote incentive is the character portrait art I did for our new ad banners that you may have seen floating around recently.)

Chapter 12 Page 28

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We are going to be vending this Saturday evening at the Haunted Hafla in New Holland, PA (Chezhnian will be dancing in the show, I will be selling books). Our friend D.C. McLaughlin will also be there selling her paranormal and fantasy novels again this year. So if you’re in the area, come see the show – doors open at 5, and the event benefits a local puppy mill rescue organization.

Chapter 12 Page 26

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He’ll be okay. Probably. Maybe. eventually.

Ten points if you can spot Kip in the last panel.

The keyboard navigation should work now without redirecting you while you’re trying to type a comment – left and right arrows for previous and next pages, and shift+left and shift+right for the first and latest pages.  If you’re still finding any problems or bugs with the site, let us know, especially if you’re viewing it on a mobile device (I don’t have a smartphone or tablet to test it on, myself).

Chapter 12 Page 24

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“Ahkhsskrgh” is another lastre anduatha name. It (probably) sounds less silly if you imagine it as being pronounced by something like a lion rather than a person gargling – lastre don’t exactly name their kids things like “Bob” or “Emily” (or “Varony”). And while I guess we could write “growl snarl glottal-stop growl” as a character name rather than trying to approximate sounds with jumbles of letters that are only sort of close, that would… look even sillier.

(And that last panel wins at “sounds completely different when taken out of context,” hah.)

Chapter 12 Page 23

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the “brother” is referencing the exchange on this page, if you don’t remember.

Our spam filter’s still not working right, so don’t worry if your comments don’t show up right away – I might have to manually approve them.

And a note in case you use Twitter or Facebook to get comic update alerts – we’re going to be out of town this week and might not be able to sign in to post the update notices. The pages will be queued to post as normal, though.

Chapter 12 Page 22

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(by “we” he meant “I,” and by “try” he meant “come up with crazy schemes out of desperation.”)

EDIT – A few issues: I’ve disabled keyboard navigation for now, since the keys were redirecting people instead of moving the cursor while they were trying to type in the comment field. Submitted a bug report about that.
Our comment spam filter is having connection issues, so it’s currently dumping all comments into the moderation queue. Contacted the webhosts about it, but in the meantime I’ll be approving comments by hand – don’t worry if you submit one and it doesn’t show up right away.
Also, our webhost’s server seems to have been going up and down a lot for the past day or so – if you get a “Service Unavailable” (503) error page, that’s the server and not a problem with the link. Just refresh the page in a moment or so and it should work. (Contacted them about that, too.) They said the downtime was because they’d been getting bot-spammed. They’ve got it taken care of now.
Let us know if you find any other issues.

Finally, a website! We’re sorry about the delay – we’d anticipated the site being down less than a day for the upgrade. If you haven’t been reading the notices on the maintenance page and Twitter/Facebook, what happened was that during the process of converting the site over we ran into a server-side configuration issue that hadn’t been an issue on the offline test site, and at that point it was too late to revert the site back to the old version to make it live again while we waited for the webhosts to take a look at the problem. But now that that’s resolved, welcome to the new site! There are still a few things left to do (like make colored portraits for the cast page and in-depth bio pages for the main cast), but for the most part it’s finished. We’ve updated just about every site page, brought the Cast and World pages up to date, redone the Comic archive page so that you can actually use it for finding stuff, cleared the dead links out of the Links page and added more comics that we’re currently reading, and added an FAQ to the About page. The comic is now keyboard-navigable, too (use the left and right arrow keys to go to the next or previous page, and the up and down arrows to scroll). And since we were re-uploading the entire comic archive at a larger page size, we used the updated print book versions of the prologue through chapter 7. So now the dialogue font is consistent (and hopefully more readable) all the way through the comic, and some pages have minor tweaks and corrections to the art here and there.

An important note: We’ve switched over to a completely different comic management system, which unfortunately means that the permalink structure for all the comic posts (and everything else on the site) has changed – so please update your bookmarks if they’re something other than the main page. The awesome part is that we now have a much more functional archive page (click the ‘Comic’ link in the top menu, or the center icons on the comic nav bar), so if you were in the middle of a readthrough and your bookmark no longer works, you can locate the last page you were on by thumbnail images if you know what chapter you were in. Or just send us a note and we’ll help you find your place.

Anyway, have fun exploring the new site, and let us know if you find any issues that need fixing, especially if you use a browser other than Firefox or Chrome. Thank you for your patience in waiting for the site to come back online, and thank you, as always, for reading. And if you found us at AWA, welcome to the comic!

To report on a few things that are currently in the works: Several people have asked us about starting a Patreon account – we’re working on getting a page set up. And in a few weeks we’ll be starting a Kickstarter to print Book 2 of the comic (chapters 8-12).

And finally, you can vote on Top Webcomics to see the non-faded-out version of the maintenance page background art. If you’re not sick of the maintenance page background art by now. :P

Chapter 12 Page 21

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Oh hey, this is page 401 of the comic. Chapter 12 page 20 was 400.

The new website’s just about ready to go. I’m planning on putting it up Wednesday. It’ll probably take a while, since the conversion involves doing a few manual WordPress upgrades, converting the comic over to a new management system, and reuploading all the page files at a different size. Wish me luck. :P

Chapter 12 Page 13

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sorry, Varony, apparently nature spirits have no particular weakness vs. wall-o-text.

In more Kickstarter news, Amya’s campaign to print their 350+ page first volume has less than a week to go. Amya, if you don’t already read it (you should!) is a high fantasy comic with solid world-building, unique, well-developed characters, and great artwork, made by some really fantastic people. So please check out their comic and their campaign and help spread the word – there’s still a ways to go before they make their goal.

Chapter 12 Page 11

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Thanks very much to everyone who’s been leaving comments and survey responses regarding a new site design – the input has been really helpful. We’ve gotten a lot of votes to keep the light-on-dark text, and so far as I’ve been experimenting with color choices I’ve liked the look of the light-on-dark ones better, so most likely we’ll be sticking with that. We’ve also gotten a lot of requests to make the font size bigger, so that’s going on the list, too. That’s one of the reasons for the redesign – the site was made when monitors tended toward slightly lower resolutions, so we wanted to update it and make it a bit nicer-looking and more readable, especially on bigger screens. I’m still finalizing the design, so feel free to keep sending suggestions. The site is for you guys’ use and convenience, after all.

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Hey guys, since I’m currently working on a new, more professional-looking website design for the comic, we wanted to put up a suggestion box and see what you’d like to see on the new site. Here are some things that we’re currently planning:

– Larger, more readable comic pages
– Doing away with the light-on-dark text
– A usefully navigable archive page
– More convenient links to things like Facebook and Twitter (yes, we have a Facebook page, maintained by Chezhnian)
– Updated Cast page, with a ‘new-reader-safe’ version of major character profiles and a ‘spoiler’ version for current readers who want a refresher on who’s who and who did what
– Updated World page, with lexicon updates and a map of Tamuran
– A Links page that is not five years out of date
– An FAQ section

If there is anything not on the list that you’d like us to consider, or if you have any suggestions for FAQ questions, please let us know via this survey.

As always, thank you for reading!

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Update on the LeyLines Book 3 Kickstarter campaign, which ended today: they didn’t reach the stretch goal level where Chezhnian and I would contribute a short comic (it was a pretty high stretch goal level), but they did make their base funding goal and their first stretch goal. So congratulations to the LeyLines crew, and thank you to everyone who donated or helped spread the word. As for our comic contribution… maybe next time. :)