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Chapter 16: Servants of the Crown

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Meet Effire. Occupation: glorified security camera. (It’s pronounced “ef-FEER,” if you want to know.)

I’m using a slightly different speech bubble shape for morphus-companion direct-line telepathy from here out, to keep things from getting confusing later on. Regular morphus telepathy (with people who aren’t their companion) will be the same type bubbles as we’ve been using for Kip’s; companion-telepathy will have ( ) rounded lines at the sides to differentiate. The companion telepathy line is always “open,” as long as the companions are within a few miles of each other, but a morphus can open a second, separate “chat window” with another person temporarily if they want to talk, the same way Kip’s been doing.

Spider Forest is accepting applications for new members from now until August 22!  If you make a webcomic and want to join a collective/community full of awesome creators, go take a look and apply!

Chapter 15 page 41

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End Chapter 15. Next chapter will be something different. It’ll take a while to have it ready to go, so at this point we’re looking to start Chapter 16 around mid-March – we’ll keep you posted if it takes longer. In the meantime, we’ll be posting updates here once a week, probably on Tuesdays, with answers to character Q&As or other artwork. We’ve only got two character questions so far – feel free to keep sending them in. We’re still accepting fan art submissions too, if you’d like to have your art featured. And if you want to see sneak-preview art for the new chapter, we’ll be posting behind-the-scenes stuff and progress updates over on Patreon. We may do a Livestream sketch session at some point during the break, too – we’ll let you know when that is.

For status updates and notification when the chapter starts, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr (that’s a new address for Tumblr, if you just want to follow for comic-related things and not my other stuff. I’ll still be reblogging Tamuran updates to my own blog, if you already follow that one). Just a heads-up, the Tamuran site may have some downtime at the beginning of March as we switch webhosts, since our old host is ramping down services. So keep an eye on social media for updates when that happens.

In light of some of the comments on the last page, we went back and updated the dialogue on page 27 to clarify – no, Jadsira wasn’t the one who turned them in. She was tempted, but too many things about the situation weren’t making sense, so she decided to wait till she’d calmed down and thought about it more before doing something that would potentially screw over innocent people. (She wasn’t above making Varony squirm a little before letting him know that, though.)  Not that the edit is meant to shelve any and all doubt about Jadsira right then and there, but we did intend for her to say that she didn’t do it – that may have gotten obfuscated a little more than we wanted over the course of editing and re-editing the scene. Sorry for the confusion.

And as always, now that the whole chapter is posted we recommend going back to reread it all at once, as it’s meant to be read. (Here’s the start of the Hiancea plot if you want to reread that whole storyline.) If you really want to be ready for the start of Chapter 16, rereading the whole comic over the break might be a good idea.

Thank you for reading!

(Edit: fixed some balloon tails on the page.)

Chapter 15 Page 40

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One more page to go for chapter 15.

Do you have questions for the characters? Submit them here and we’ll answer them in comic format over the between-chapter break. Patreon patrons will get theirs answered first, so if you’re a patron and you send in a question, drop us a note on Patreon too, to let us know.

(EDIT: Page 41 will be up afternoon/evening.)

Chapter 15 Page 39

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Only a few pages left this chapter, then we’ll be taking a break to get chapter 16 ready to go. More on that later, but if anybody wants to submit guest art to go up during the break, we’ll be happy to feature your work. We might also open up character Q&A submissions again this time, if you guys have things to ask.

Also: looking at our vote numbers on Top Webcomics versus our actual site traffic numbers lately, it seems that someone has been cheating the system to boost our rank. Whoever’s doing it: please stop. If you want to help Tamuran gain more visibility and new readers, you can recommend the comic to friends who might enjoy it, or write reviews or suggest Tamuran on comic review sites. Make fan art and share it with links to the comic, if you’re artistically inclined. Update the Tamuran page on TVTropes. By all means vote every day, but just the one time per IP. We’re glad you like our comic enough to want to help us out, but there are a million ways to share your enthusiasm that don’t involve generating fake votes and cheating on our behalf. We don’t need or want that kind of help, thanks.

Chapter 15 Page 34

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New fanart: GrimSqueaker is making a quilt featuring her favorite fandoms, and we are honored that she’s included some Tamuran-themed patches. You can see them in her deviantArt gallery, here. I’ve also put them up in the fanart gallery on our Extra page.

We are going to be at Ohayocon next weekend – if you’re going to the convention, stop by our table in the Artist Alley and say hello!

Chapter 15 Page 33

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Happy 2016! And like I said in the last post, today marks six years since Tamuran went live as a webcomic. Seems like we’re still only just getting started with the story, hah. (Probably because we are still only getting started… in 500 pages we’ve covered about half a year’s worth of writing. Got a long way to go yet, with lots of characters and plot twists Chezhnian and I have been waiting ages to share with you. We hope you continue to enjoy the journey!)

Thank you all for reading, and thanks for all your support and encouragement over the years!

And thanks to everyone who’s been voting for us on Top Webcomics despite the lack of new vote incentives lately. Even though we’re four days into the month, as of this posting we’re still as high as #36 in the ranking, which is pretty awesome. We really appreciate your taking the time to do that.

Here’s to many more years of comics!

Chapter 15 Page 32

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I imagine those guards can’t wait for Claudia and her lot to get out of their city.
And for the plague of man-eating deathsquirrels outside the walls to clear out, too… that’d be nice.

We hope everyone’s been having an awesome holiday season. Next page will go up on Patreon on Friday, and here on Tuesday, January 5th – which is the sixth anniversary of the comic going live, incidentally.

Chapter 15 Page 31

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(Varony was a little closer than that when the hunter initially spotted him, for the record.)

(Edit 12/22: Page 32 will go up on Wednesday.)

(Edit 12/25: Just an update to let you guys know what’s going on. Even for a complicated page, this one’s taking way longer than expected… and had an unexpected delay earlier in the week due to “real life” stuff. I’ll get the page posted when I can – probably tomorrow. Due to holiday/family stuff I hadn’t been planning to update today or Tuesday anyway, with the next page going up on Patreon on January 1 and here on the 5th, so the next update isn’t actually being delayed by this page.

In the meantime, happy Droid Day, everybody!)

Chapter 15 Page 30

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The “road” she’s referring to is the one they talked about here.  Jadsira’s been doing a lot of thinking since Varony ran out on her last night: about the reports of recent events in the capital, the seyelive suddenly appearing and running rampant, these two odd people who are pretty obviously hiding things and being hunted but just as obviously NOT highly-trained assassins, their conversation from the previous day… trying to puzzle out all the things that don’t add up.

(EDIT 12/18: Today’s page will be up in the afternoon. Posted now.)

Chapter 15 Page 26

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Thanks for the congratulations on the last page, guys. And thank you to everyone for reading!

EDIT: Our spam filter’s acting up lately and real comments are getting caught, so if yours doesn’t show up right away, don’t worry – I’m having to go in and approve them manually. Waiting for a response from our webhost about the issue.

Chapter 15 Page 15

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EDIT (10/16): No page this update. My graphics card died earlier this week while I was working on the perspective and 3D modeling for the next page, and I had to order a replacement. If all goes well with the new card I’m hoping to have the next page posted to Patreon on Tuesday and resume updates here on Friday.

A cool comic I found a little while ago that doesn’t seem to have gotten much attention yet: Nwain: The Knight Who Wandered Dream. It’s a fantasy story set in a very original-feeling world, and on top of having pretty art, every panel is actually a segment of animation. Some pages take a while to load, but it’s worth the wait.

Chapter 15 Page 13

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Yeah… one of the key components for running around on rooftops = traction.

Our friend Liz Staley just launched her Indiegogo campaign to print Book 3 of her webcomic, Adrastus. If you’re a fan of mechs, badass heroines, or old-school anime with a modern twist, go take a look!

Also, I posted the watercolor painting for our new ad banner featuring Ranon on deviantArt (and Tumblr, but Tumblr resizes it funny). I’m (slowly) working on similar images for each of the other characters, too.

Chapter 15 Page 11

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With profuse apologies to anyone who actually does parkour, haha.

But yeah, this is why Varony didn’t just shove Kip into his coat pocket (he does have one, on the inside) – the side of the knife belt’s a little less likely to get slammed into a building. Hopefully. Guess we’ll find out!

And just throwing out a note that Chirault‘s started their Book 2 Kickstarter! If you don’t already read Chirault, you should go check it out – it’s a very well done comic.

And while I’m linking things, Liliy of Wiglaf & Mordred just released the first novel in her new fantasy series, Obsidian of Ruby. I beta-read it last year, and it’s a fun read. Especially if you like dragons and badass lady knights.

Chapter 15 Page 09

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Quick, Varony, save the day!

Kip’s telepathic connection isn’t still open in the next-to-last panel; I mostly used that style of “speech” balloon to show that he’s still thinking at her as if it were. The usual “italics over a hazy white patch” for thought bubbles didn’t seem to have enough impact for the effect.

And if you’re wondering, no, turning into a mouse doesn’t mean the poison’s going to affect her more strongly – Morphus magic is “programmed” to compensate for things like that.

Chapter 14 Page 19

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…yeah, don’t feed the trolls, Varony.

To anyone who found us via the library’s Comic Con, welcome! We hope you enjoy the story!

I posted a new painting of Nashua (just for fun/practice, for once) to deviantArt and Tumblr, if you’d like to see it.

And the new Top Webcomics vote incentive is another of the sketches for ad banners that I’m working on.

Chapter 14 Page 15

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“Guys, guys, I got us a new party member! He’s clean and quiet and he won’t eat much and I have to check but I’m pretty sure he’s had all his shots! We’ll just be needing a tent… for the two of us…”

We just got accepted to vend at Comic Con 2015 at the Fletcher Library in Hagerstown, MD. The show’s on August 8 from 11am-4pm. Chezhnian won’t be able to make it, but I’ll be sharing a table with Liz Staley, creator of Adrastus (and renowned Manga Studio guru). It looks like it’ll be a fun show. Admission’s free – come by if you’re in the area!

Chapter 14 Page 14

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When a tree creature wants to mate with another tree creature, he (or she) brings his (or her) intended a particularly challenging kill and says something along the lines of “Let’s create offspring together.”

When nofurs want to mate, it’s all glances and flowers and words that don’t mean what they’re supposed to mean and games they don’t even tell you they’re playing with you. And they seem to be at it all the time. So weird.

Varony has come to realize over the years that the human form the Genisai gave him is one that human females (and occasionally males) tend to find attractive. Sometimes he kind of wishes she’d made him uglier…

(Hallmark makes cards to say, “sorry, you’re nice and all, but I’m not really into your species,” right…?)

Chapter 14 Page 12

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Varony is not the best fiddle player, but he tries!

Again, Chezhnian and I will be Livestreaming this Sunday starting at 6pm (EDT). You don’t need an account to watch or join the chat. I’ll be taking sketch requests (for Patreon patrons first if they want them, then for anyone else), and then maybe doing some digital coloring. The stream will probably go till 9 or 10. Come say hi and hang out with us if you’re so inclined!

Chapter 14 Page 11

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We’re going to try doing a Livestream sketch session on Sunday, July 19th starting at 6pm (EDT). Patreon patrons will get first dibs on sketch requests (since the session is technically making up for having a month without early updates during the between-chapter break/medical hiatus), but everyone’s welcome to come chat (and ask for sketches after the first round). In case no one is in a sketch-requesting mood, I’ll have a drawing scanned to practice coloring.

Here’s the link to our Livestream channel for now. I’ll post more about it on Friday.