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Thank you everyone for your condolences and sympathies (on the temporary previous update post). I have lost many cats over the years, but Ka was especially precious to me. I was present at the moment of his birth and we bonded over his first month of life as he and his littermates shared my bed. I have never met a cat with such a unique personality and one so willing to defy the laws of cathood for such undignified things as belly rubs and doing tricks for treats. I miss him greatly and I am glad for the time I had with him.

Lucky for me Eren was with me through all of the hardship, supporting me and lifting my spirits. I don’t know what I would do without him.

I thank you all, again, from the bottom of my heart. And now…back to your regularly scheduled comic page complete with more close ups of shirtless Nashua!

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Eren summed it up on Monday… Ohayocon was indeed AWESOME!  Friday…we darn near froze just trying to get our stuff into the convention center in the three degree weather with wind chill somewhere around -18. Brrr… Liz Staley of Adrastus said it was the coldest she had ever been in her life! We would have to agree. Saturday and Sunday were warmer but it snowed both days and we thought we might get stuck another night in Columbus. Luckily the roads were all clear when the AA closed and we were able to drive the 6.5 hours home without incident.

We met lots of fans, sold lots of books and made a lot of great contacts. Thank you to everyone who came by our table to say hi! and to all those who were just discovering Tamuran for the first time we would like to say welcome! we hope you enjoy the story!

Just a few of the cool people we got to hang out with:
Liz Staley: Adrastus
Byron Clark: Rho Pi Gamma
Kori Michele: Prince of Cats
Brittany (and her sister):  Snow by Night
Savannah: Amya
Amanda : Ianua
Tiffany: Demmon Dragons


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(Been a busy post-con week! I’ll post the finished page along with the next update. You missed these guys, right? – Eren)
(EDIT: Finished page posted.)

If you’ve never been to Intervention, maybe consider trying for it next year. Its name stands for “Internet-Convention”. It is the brain child of Onizumi Hartstein and James Harknell and is basically… an internet culture convention with an emphasis on creative works we share with the world at large over the internet. It’s one of the best conventions around for anyone, and I do mean anyone, who is looking to get started in webcomics, writing in general, making and playing games, using and learning about marketing strategies and networking.

We had a fun weekend that started out not so fun on Friday when we had to miss our first panel because of several accidents on the beltway around DC. But we made it and enjoyed hanging out and doing panels with Jen Zyren Smith of LaSalle’s Legacy, Pete Abrams of Sluggy Freelance, Robin Dempsey of Ley Lines, and Shaenon Garrity and Jeffery C. Wells of Skin Horse. We were so busy the whole con that we only got the last two hours or so on Sunday to actually look around at any of the other vendors’ tables.

Other awesome artists and writers we ran into:

Liz Staley of Adrastus

Monica Marier and Rachael Hixon of Tangent Artists

Eric Menge of Snow By Night

Darrenn E. Canton, Illustrator

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Ok. So it’s been about two weeks now back from Otakon and even though we are getting ready for Intervention (see the previous update for our panel schedule), it FINALLY seems like there is a brief moment to breathe…or not.  Anyway…

The first time we were at Otakon to vend in the Artist Alley (and the first time I had EVER been to Otakon) we debuted the serial  of our first chapter. That was three years ago! This year we came back with our first volume! It seems Otakon is a con for ‘firsts’!

In short we had a great time!  We got to meet a lot of new people and reconnect with old friends, sold lots of books and chatted with new readers.   Thanks everyone for making our Otakon awesome!

wow… did I actually write a SHORT con report?

Some the fabulous artists and studios at Otakon:

Jen Zyren Smith – LaSalle’s Legacy

Savannah Houston-McIntyre – Amya

Technoangel Studio


Cari Corene – Toilet Genie

Sakky – Senshi Stock


Eric and Brittany – Snow By Night

Ruth and the gals of The Five Wits

Shazzbaa  – Rune Writers

Stephanie Stober – Final Arcanum

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Yet another Katsucon has passed and it seems like I was just writing the report for 2012. The con went well. We sold preorders of the first volume, and the angry elk were a big hit.  This year was a little different as Eren joined the Anime Orchestra and played first chair French horn.  Check out the concert  here:

Unfortunately , we didn’t get to hang out with all of our awesome artist friends as much as we wanted to as the artist alley was decently busy and orchestra practice was rather on the early side so we packed it in early every night, but we definitely made sure to make the rounds to everyone’s tables to say hello. Here are just a few of the stellar artists and creative teams we got to hang out with in the Artist Alley: Jen Zyren Smith creator of LaSalle’sLegacy, Eric and Brittany of Snow By Night,  Greyliliy of Wiglaf and Mordred and her brother, Monica, Dave and Rachael of Tangent  Artists,  Laura and Andrew of Technoangel Studios, Eldanis, Megami Jadeheart and Kat, and the team of Demon Fart Cabbage Studio.

Few other amusing things of note that happened over the weekend… I bought a long black wig with the intent of using it to cosplay Asami Sato from Legend of Korra and when I tried it on I realized that it was completely perfect Kip hair (check our facebook page for a pic of the wig which I picked up from The Five Wits) So possibly at some time I may just have to make a Kip cosplay. XD  Also Sunday morning  as Laura of Technoangel Studio and I were on our way to the AA room, we noticed apparently that the huge glass atrium of the hotel was full of smoke. Upon closer inspection by myself, it appeared that all the smoke was coming from a smoldering patch of landscaping  that looked to have been freshly mulched… I am inclined to blame the mulch for starting itself into near flames…as most con goers  were still snug in their beds at that time. So yeah… the hotel was nearly on fire and we smelled like a bonfire for part of the day.  Still… it was exciting.

We’d like to say thank you to all our friends and readers that stopped by our table for a chat or just to say hello and welcome to all  the new faces and new readers who discovered us for the first time!

The Tamuran Artist Alley table at Katsucon

The Tamuran Artist Alley table at Katsucon (minus artists)



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Ok… So Nekocon is just plain awesome. We’re back and once again had a spectacular time! If you’ve never gone to Nekocon and just happen to be in the area of say … the east coast of the US on the first weekend of November, we highly recommend going. This year was a little different for us as we actually had two panels! Which of course was awesome and tons of fun especially since we got to share them with Greyliliy the creator of Wiglaf & Mordred and Eric Menge and Brittany Michel of Snow by Night. Though the webcomics teamwork panel we and Snow By Night did was apparently never added to the schedule and the panel room wasn’t even marked… so we kinda had a ninja panel, but it turned out pretty well in the end.

What REALLY made the Con truly special however was meeting a good number more readers than last year. THANK YOU so much everyone who stopped by! You made our con! The other really great thing about this Nekocon that was particularly excellent was that we were tabled close to so many fantastic artists and able to hang out with them all at once! Check out our Facebook page Friday evening for pics of our gatherings. ( I would have posted them earlier but this has been an incredibly busy week. So hooray it’s almost over!) And randomly, thank you, to restaurants willing to stay open a whole hour and a half past their closing time to seat a starving artists’ party of 16. ( the AA didn’t close til 10pm >.> )

Said party of 16 included….  artists and creators from Snow by Night, Technoangel Studios, Tangent Artists, Wiglaf & Mordred (Liliy and her brother) and Demon Fart Cabbage Studio, and Eldanis and Ribbit (AA head of Anime Weekend Atlanta).

So that’s pretty much it… panels, meeting readers and fans (you guys are awesome!), and hanging out with fabulous artists. You can all sigh in relief that I didn’t just write a half a page long post this time XD…. oh crap… I kinda did. >.>


As always, THANK YOU so very much again, to EVERYONE, for reading and commenting and stopping to say hello at our tables.  We really appreciate it…after all it’s much more fun to share a story than keep it all to one’s self.

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We are getting the first volume of the comic ready to print and we have a small 3-question survey to help us decide on what to include in book. Please take a minute or two to fill it out even if you aren’t planning on buying a book. If you ARE planning on buying a book… Hooray! We want to hear from you too.  Thanks!

Back and MOSTLY recovered from the con weekend. XD  This is our third year attending Intervention and as always we had a great time!  Onezumi and Harknell and all their staff pulled off another awesome event! As always, thank you guys!

Intervention is one of the greatest place to learn about how to get that edgy plot that’s been rattling around in your head into a reality.  You can also meet creators of great comics and find new and exciting things to read.  We picked up some great reads like LaSalle’s Legacy Vol. 2 and Ianua Chapter 1 and attended an awesome panel on elevator pitches with Eric Menge of Snow by Night, Elaine Corvidae of Riven Sol, and Jen Zyren Smith of LaSalle’s Legacy.  We also got to— and HOLY crap! a HUGE …I mean HUGE wolf spider just appeared out from behind my desk lamp.  This spider is bigger than a 1″x1″ button and came straight for me. I managed to get it onto the comic script before it vaulted to the floor and took off. I love spiders but hell… that sucker was huge and is somewhere loose in my room.  >.>

…Anyway… We got the chance to sit on panels with Pete Abrams of Sluggy Freelance and the teams of Skin Horse and Guilded Age and hang out with good friends Megami Jadeheart, Jen Zyren Smith, Technoangel Studios and the Snow by Night team, and chatted with Liz Staley of Adrastus and her husband Byron who interviewed us for his gamers’ podcast, Rho Pi Gamma.  I also got zombified and went to a dance… there is probably a pic of me floating around…SOMEwhere. XP

We uploaded a photo of our table at Intervention onto Tamuran’s Facebook page. Take a look. For pics with us actually IN them visit Snow by Night’s Facebook gallery.  Can you find us?

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Here’s a little anecdote to go with this page.  I’m sure anyone who has ever played D&D or other types of roleplaying games will completely understand, perhaps because it’s happened to you.

Eren, Kip’s player Chan, and I were all sitting together in Eren’s living room writing, probably about the middle of chapter 6 as it is in the comic version. I had already planned what was going to happen in this scene but had kept it secret from the others. In the plot, Kip was just coming back from her date with Prince Ranon when it suddenly occurred to me to pop the age-old DM’s favorite question to Chan: “What does your character wear to bed?”

Chan: “Um, nothing, I think.”
Me: “Are you SURE that’s what Kip wears to bed?”
Chan: “Pretty sure.”
Me: “So Kip doesn’t wear anything to bed?”
Chan: “Well… maybe she wears a little top and a lacy thong type thing*…”

We all had a good laugh over it when the scene was revealed and Kip woke up to find her scantily-clad self (generously) wrapped in one of her sheets in the dank cell, having been bundled up and dumped there straight from her bed.

 Moral of the story: If the DM asks you what your character wears to bed, the answer is always… full plate armor!
*Note that thongs have not actually been invented yet in Tamuran.


(Note from Eren:  Looks like, for the first time, we’ve been in the top 100 on Top Webcomics this week – thank you guys for voting!  I’m going to leave the April Fools’ page up there for one more update in case some people still haven’t seen it, but please keep voting for us!  Let’s see how long we can stay below rank 100. :D Thank you again for your support, and thank you as always for reading!)

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We’re back from Katsucon.  We had a pretty good time.  Between meeting readers and new artist friends, such as Sarah and her fellow artists from Demon Fart Cabbage, we also had the chance to take a stab at a few geocaches (for those who don’t know what geocaching is, go check it out! and go out to dinner with a large group of our artist friends at a rather nice little Italian restaurant called Fiorella on Saturday night.

It was a total treat to hang out all weekend with the fine folk of Snow By Night, LaSalle’s Legacy, Technoangel Studios and chat with wonderful artists like Liliy of Wiglaf and Mordred, Megami Jadeheart of Annie, Kat, Eldanis,  Kevin Bolk and Sarah Martinez of Interrobang Studios, Meg of Rival Hearts, Onezumi and Harknell of Intervention and our table neighbors Moon’s Creations.

 It was an awesome weekend.

To everyone who stopped by our table to say hello and all of our friends and readers current and new, we say THANK YOU!

Oh and here is something I put together while things were slow on Sunday. The actual acorn came from Moon’s Creations and the leaf flames were Eren’s idea. Behold the “Acorn of Sauron”!


(from eren: …whoops, just realized I forgot to add smoke to the flames in the third panel.  I’ll fix that and re-scan it later.)

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We’re back from Ohayocon! This was our first time there and we had a blast. Artist Alley was up on the  Battelle Ballroom mezzanine overlooking the dealers’ room. Which, I must say, was pretty cool, just watching all the activity and fun that people were having down below and all around us.  There were panels on the ceiling of the room lit up in rainbow of colors which really added a cheery atmosphere to the setting. The con staff were all very pleasant and helpful (Thanks Dizzy!) and we got to hang out with amazing artist friends, both old and new, like Kaysha Siemens, who does beautiful illustrations, and duo InknPaper and Lechau (our table neighbors), who made us believers in the irresistible cuteness of crocheted bees.

In other news, our Squishable family grew again with the addition of a mini sabertooth tiger and jellyfish and fox. The sabertooth tiger was pressed into cosplay service after Eren noticed certain striking resemblances to Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro Catbus. Using yellow cat eye buttons and card stock for windows,  and more than a few pieces of tape, we had a very very chubby sabertoothed Catbus on our hands.

We want to thank all the awesome people  who stopped by our booth and chatted with us, making the time just zip by, and say thanks everyone for making Ohayocon one of our best shows!   To all of our readers, thank you for your comments and encouragement. We really hope you are enjoying the story as much as we enjoy bringing it to you!



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We’re back from Nekocon and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!    Neko was the first con that I’d ever been to and I think it’s still my favorite. The drive is nice but not TOO far, and this time we got to see the ocean. Hooray!  ( even if it was only for a whole 10 minutes.)

There is always a wonderful collection of artists at Nekocon. We tabled next to Omonomopoeia (who make awesome things like rolly Koopa shells) and Technoangel Studios (totally adorable buttons and awesome Ratings t-shirts!) and mingled with many other great artists like Kaysha Siemens/Eldanis, the art team of Tangent Artists, Ryan of Darkstar Studios, Liliy of Wiglaf and Mordred and Nikki O’Shea of The Bards Comic. It’s always exciting to see so much creativity and talent in one place. I even dusted off my own drawing skills and did two sketches of Varony and Nashua! We will be posting these as vote incentives.  Here is the one of Varony:

Thanks to everyone who bought our books, buttons and shirts! We really hope that you are enjoying the story!  And thanks again everyone for reading and taking our survey and sharing your thoughts with us.  We really appreciate it. :D

On a side note, Eren pulled off the most amazing surprise ever on Saturday night.  On a supposed “bathroom break” sometime Saturday morning, he bought me a Squishable Octopus (which I’ve wanted for an entire year >.> ) and skillfully placed it in the trunk of the car for me to discover  when we packed up to go to dinner.   Very VERY skillfully I might add, because I was completely surprised (not an easy feat). I do believe I gasped, exclaimed “OH!” and then stood blinking for 5 minutes while I held my hand outstretched, frozen in midair 4 inches from the trunk lid.  Then I probably burst into laughter because an octopus in the trunk was the LAST thing I ever would have expected.   With that, I pronounced the octopus’s name to be Hari and hugged the stuffings out of him.

So hats off, Eren!  That WAS the best surprise, EVER!

Oh and one more thing, we removed the blog post that was under the update post. We both felt there wasn’t much reason for two of them as everything we want to say usually goes into the update post. Thanks again for reading!

(Note from Eren: The finished version of page 26 is also uploaded now.  Sorry for the delay on 27 – I tried uploading it from the hotel, but the wifi was overloaded and I couldn’t connect, so I figured I’d just hold off till the normal update day.  Also the Squishable was an early Christmas/Solstice present, and I figured that just putting it in the trunk would be both easier and vastly more entertaining than trying to smuggle it home unnoticed. XD)

Marscon Report

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Well we’re back from Marscon and its awesomeness.  Thanks to our friends old and new for making it so great.  Marscon was our first scifi con and I have to say I think it was pretty cool. We sat on webcomics  panels  ranging  in subject matter from plot and detail continuity to merchandising, to traditional vs. digital media and a round table to discuss our goals for comicky goodness for 2011 to finish it up. We even got to hang out Saturday with our friend the creator of Wiglaf and Mordred, Liliy! ( Need even more awesome villainy in your life…read Wiglaf and Mordred.)  Ahhh shameless plugs.

Thank you  to  Donnie Sturges, formally the writer of Draconia Chronicles, for getting the ball rolling for us to get a chance to attend Marscon, good luck on your newest exciting endeavors, and Barb Fischer of Sledgebunny for extending to us a guest invite.

We had a great time chatting with  Danny Valentini ( aka Razorfox ) artist and now also writer for the Draconia Chronicles ( A very fun read  :P  though be warned, the current page is NSFW), Ursula Vernon, the wonderful artist and writer of Digger, Rob Balder, writer for Erfworld had some great things to say about plushie Dwagons and T. Campbell of Penny & Aggie and Guilded  Age had good advice about what NOT to do when merchandising  your webcomic .  Sitting on panels with all these great artists and writers was a blast!

On the way back we drove across the Colonial Parkway, got to see some big water and pick up a few shells along the shore.

Thanks to everyone who came to the panels and welcome to any and all new readers that have joined us from Marscon! We are very much hoping to be back next year!

Con Report Whee Cha!!

So Erin and I left early Thursday to take the Skyline Drive down through Shenandoah National Park. ( A must drive!  yes yes ::nod nod:: ) Since it had rained for the better part of the night and early that day, the mountains were covered in blankets of clouds. That made it a bit impossible to see anything more than 100 feet away but occasionally the mist opened up some breathtaking views.  It was the perfect sort of atmosphere for story planning and building.

Once we reached Hampton, we sat down to a very nice Japanese dinner with fellow comic creator Liliy who is the writer/artist of Wiglaf and Mordred.  Read it and watch the hilarity ensue!

We had an awesome time at Nekocon (which so far happens to be one of my favorite cons! :D ).  We met lots of old friends: Donnie Sturges of The Draconia Chronicles, Kasey Van Hise of Winters in Lavelle, Deanna Echanique of La Macchina Bellica, and made some new ones.  We chatted with Kern, Kite, and Tranquil of Drowtales, Bettina Kurkoski, Stefanie Battalene of Lost Nova, Jimbo of Hoshen and Lizbeth Jimenez of Sacred.  And of course we hung out with Robynhime and Sadboyinsnow of Technoangel Studios and Megami of Annie.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table and checked out Tamuran!  We sold out of all our books but for one copy!

On Saturday, Liliy brought her violin and she and Erin (on guitar) had a mini jam session at the table. Kip’s theme was played among some enchanting Irish folk songs. I bobbed about in my huge purple dress. :)

Sunday we decided to drive back up along the Skyline Drive and even though it was long past sunset, the sky was clear and you could see the sparkling twinkling lights of the homes, towns and cities for miles.  We spent some of the 67 mile mountain drive working on fleshing out aspects of the world of Tamuran. Until we came upon a sight we most wished to see.  We rounded a bend in the road and had to immediately slow our pace as our headlights revealed a very furry, very large black bear looking as startled to see us as we were to see it, standing in the middle of the road.  I think it took a few seconds for our brains to suddenly shout, “Camera!  Where’s a Camera?”

Alas by the time a camera was located and ready, the bear decided that it had other business to attend and lumbered off the road and up an embankment out of sight.  Whee! Bears!

So that was a brief over view of our Nekocon adventure!  We’re off to AUSA on the 12th! We hope to see you there!

(from Eren:  Due to con craziness, the next page will be up on Friday.  I did get some catch-up shading done at Nekocon – the updated pages will be posted soon.)

Chapter 2 Page 08

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Chapter 2 page 8 and stuff! Whee!

So along with this page of epicky wonder (the next to last panel at the bottom is my favorite! ::nod nod::) we have decided to include a small definitions glossary that shall reside on the World page for all those pesky terms that might seem a little too slippery to remember.    >.>

If you have any questions please feel free to use the Formspring or leave a comment on the page or shout box! ^_^

Blood must flow…scripting combat.

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Writing out combat sequences can be as daunting as they are fun.  I’ve been currently working on Chapter 3 of the comic which involves fight scenes with multiple combatants. Let me tell you,  it’s no easy feat. Trying to keep in mind who’s who and where’s what and when who is doing what to whom is well…….a challenge. I love it.

Ever since I was small, I’ve had a fascination with weaponry and combat (really dirty, gritty realistic combat).  Through out the years, I’ve done  a lot of reading, movie watching ( for fight choreography…which is far from accurate most of the time) and have gathered many comrades that make combat their hobby( mostly people involved in historical reenactment). I also went to massage school.

How the hell does being a massage therapist make one better at writing combat, you might ask?   …. I might answer, being intimately involved with the human body, its strengths, vulnerabilities and how its systems work is excellent for understanding that…her leg can’t bend that way or its going to take more than one swing of that sword to take off his head.

But enough about that….Let’s talk about the writing.   Penning combat is kind of a weird pairing of game day strategy  and a choreographed dance.  First you must decide how many combatants you have to work with ( if you don’t write combat often, start small). Second, think ahead.  You need to know who is going to win and why (does the winner have superior numbers, strength, agility or is the character just plain damn lucky)? Make the fight mildly to more than unfair to the protagonists.  This heightens the sense of impending doom and draws the reader in with every sword stroke or gun shot.  Next, do your research.  Learn about the human body and its limitations. (This is helpful even if your characters aren’t quite human.) If animals are involved, study the closest living example of your character, all its attributes and flaws.

Decide what styles of combat all your characters will be using.  Don’t pick something you can’t describe clearly in words.  Also, be sure that  the fighting styles mesh well ( don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, unless getting the knife wielder killed is your plan).   I find youtube quite helpful in choosing and researching styles. Keep it real and believable.  Make friends with competent combat professionals and ( the really fun part) get some hands-on training.   However, you don’t have to be a 4th degree black belt in whatever martial art to write an awesome scene.

Once you have achieved a good knowledge base its time to get out the  pen and paper. Keep in mind that every action has a reaction.


The thug  throws a kick at the hero.   Our hero may have noticed the thug shifting his weight and therefore expects the kick, so he decides to catch the kick and bury his knife into the thug’s hamstring. The thug screams and tries to free his leg before the hero can do more damage, which unbalances him causing his weight bearing foot to slip.  The thug goes down wrenching the knife and the leg from the hero’s grasp. Without any need for encouragement, the hero lands a solid kick into the thug’s ribs.  And so on….

Writing out a combat sequence, I suppose, could be likened to playing a video game with turn based combat.  Everybody takes turns.  It’s very much a well choreographed dance, so get your practice in and smooth out all the missteps. The combatants are dance partners with the intent to do bodily harm.

Oh and one last thing….Let the blood flow!…  Most altercations(especially when the odds are stacked), are extremely dangerous. It is highly unlikely for everyone ( on the protagonists’ side) to come out without a scratch whilst everyone else (antagonists and by standers) lies in bloody pieces(or vice versa).   A good amount of writers love to use scarred characters. Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly how those scars came about; have the whole fight scene written out for flashbacks ( providing they are combat related).

In conclusion, have fun with your writing. If you have multiple combatants, its like playing tag. Each character gets an action or reaction and a turn. Do your research. Watch videos and make friends with people who have legitimate combat experience.  If you need to keep all of the dance party straight, get out the cork board and the pushpins with little name tags. Story board if you need to ( for those of you with artistic talent). Ask lots of questions of your sources and characters and above all, don’t sweat the small stuff….or more appropriately:  Take each axe swing as it comes!

A Request…Feedback

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Feedback is very important to us.  I know that sometimes it can be a hassle and seemingly time consuming or that you feel as though you are “butting in”.  However, it helps us to deliver to you the readers a much more enjoyable and convenient  experience when you come to our site.

I, therefore, encourage all to leave us a comment either in the shout box or in reply to a post.  For example, if you are having a difficulty finding the comic, we can not make the comic more accessible unless we know that there is an issue with locating it. This is where feedback is of great value.

By all means, if you are enjoying the comic please let us know that too.

Happy Comic Reading,


Where do stories come from…

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Tis a very good question.  I often wonder that myself when I sit down to a role-play session with my co-authors and the characters and plot just take off on their own accord waving their hands and saying “See ya later.”

The idea that has become Tamuran  was planted and sprouted over five years ago. It was only a small seedling then…an offshoot of a much older parent plot that had been growing in my mind and on paper for close to seven years. Though at the time I was concentrating on the main thread and its characters, this little nagging  creeper wouldn’t let go of me.  It wasn’t the same plot, but rather a full glimpse at what was happening in another country on the other side of the continent during the same timeline. Begging to be its own story, it wrapped itself around the main title that  had started to become  rootbound, (otherwise known as “going nowhere”). The more I entertained this idea the more it grew, until finally in August of 2008, Eren, Tressyem and I sat down with a chat window open, several cups of tea and a chance to enjoy each others’ company.

And so the story was nurtured by many long nights and days plugged into this familiar creative distraction, until………one day…. Talks of comicking already afoot for one of the characters’ backstories, I said to my compatriot…. “This story is too damn good to not share with the world!”   He agreed and thus…we give you Tamuran.

Why should you vote?

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That is a very good question to address at the beginning of a new month.  Well, voting helps get the comic a higher ranking on the comic listing sites so more people can see it and read it and vote and share it with others and those people vote and  the comic gets an even higher ranking and then…well…the vicious cycle continues…. :)  also…we are putting up a new vote incentive… hehe

a peek at the first four months of raw script…. what other web comic out there can do that!?  oh and don’t mind the cat…he’s in the picture for scale!

Want to see what I’m talking about?  VOTE away comic lovers!!

[from Eren: …and now that the really important stuff is out of the way, here is Chapter 1 Page 7. :P ]


Questions/comments/critiques/site issues?  E-mail us at tamurancomic (at) gmail (dot) com.

Interested in having us speak at your convention? Send us an e-mail!  We are located in south-central Pennsylvania, and in the past we’ve spoken on topics such as writing for webcomics, creating three-dimensional characters, world-building for fantasy stories, writer-artist teamwork, and integrating digital and traditional media in art.

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