Marscon Report

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Well we’re back from Marscon and its awesomeness.  Thanks to our friends old and new for making it so great.  Marscon was our first scifi con and I have to say I think it was pretty cool. We sat on webcomics  panels  ranging  in subject matter from plot and detail continuity to merchandising, to traditional vs. digital media and a round table to discuss our goals for comicky goodness for 2011 to finish it up. We even got to hang out Saturday with our friend the creator of Wiglaf and Mordred, Liliy! ( Need even more awesome villainy in your life…read Wiglaf and Mordred.)  Ahhh shameless plugs.

Thank you  to  Donnie Sturges, formally the writer of Draconia Chronicles, for getting the ball rolling for us to get a chance to attend Marscon, good luck on your newest exciting endeavors, and Barb Fischer of Sledgebunny for extending to us a guest invite.

We had a great time chatting with  Danny Valentini ( aka Razorfox ) artist and now also writer for the Draconia Chronicles ( A very fun read  :P  though be warned, the current page is NSFW), Ursula Vernon, the wonderful artist and writer of Digger, Rob Balder, writer for Erfworld had some great things to say about plushie Dwagons and T. Campbell of Penny & Aggie and Guilded  Age had good advice about what NOT to do when merchandising  your webcomic .  Sitting on panels with all these great artists and writers was a blast!

On the way back we drove across the Colonial Parkway, got to see some big water and pick up a few shells along the shore.

Thanks to everyone who came to the panels and welcome to any and all new readers that have joined us from Marscon! We are very much hoping to be back next year!