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Eren summed it up on Monday… Ohayocon was indeed AWESOME!  Friday…we darn near froze just trying to get our stuff into the convention center in the three degree weather with wind chill somewhere around -18. Brrr… Liz Staley of Adrastus said it was the coldest she had ever been in her life! We would have to agree. Saturday and Sunday were warmer but it snowed both days and we thought we might get stuck another night in Columbus. Luckily the roads were all clear when the AA closed and we were able to drive the 6.5 hours home without incident.

We met lots of fans, sold lots of books and made a lot of great contacts. Thank you to everyone who came by our table to say hi! and to all those who were just discovering Tamuran for the first time we would like to say welcome! we hope you enjoy the story!

Just a few of the cool people we got to hang out with:
Liz Staley: Adrastus
Byron Clark: Rho Pi Gamma
Kori Michele: Prince of Cats
Brittany (and her sister):  Snow by Night
Savannah: Amya
Amanda : Ianua
Tiffany: Demmon Dragons

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  1. JaneB

    Anyone else think that in Nashua’s shoes (boots) you’d be reallyu looking forward to a few hours without Ronan worrying and Kip being Kip, regardless of WHAT might eat you? I’m very fond of them all, but 24/7 of Kip must be very hard – and vice versa, their relationship has to me very clear overtones of Dad-teenager

  2. Pistols At Dawn

    I FOUND IT!!!!!!!! I’ve been looking for this comic for 3 years since I read it the first time!
    Im so happy imma cry :,)
    Oooooh so much catching up to do

    • Chezhnian

      Welcome back! We are glad you found us again!

    • eren

      Welcome back!

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