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Chapter 15 Page 13


Yeah… one of the key components for running around on rooftops = traction.

Our friend Liz Staley just launched her Indiegogo campaign to print Book 3 of her webcomic, Adrastus. If you’re a fan of mechs, badass heroines, or old-school anime with a modern twist, go take a look!

Also, I posted the watercolor painting for our new ad banner featuring Ranon on deviantArt (and Tumblr, but Tumblr resizes it funny). I’m (slowly) working on similar images for each of the other characters, too.


Chapter 15 Page 11


With profuse apologies to anyone who actually does parkour, haha.

But yeah, this is why Varony didn’t just shove Kip into his coat pocket (he does have one, on the inside) – the side of the knife belt’s a little less likely to get slammed into a building. Hopefully. Guess we’ll find out!

And just throwing out a note that Chirault‘s started their Book 2 Kickstarter! If you don’t already read Chirault, you should go check it out – it’s a very well done comic.

And while I’m linking things, Liliy of Wiglaf & Mordred just released the first novel in her new fantasy series, Obsidian of Ruby. I beta-read it last year, and it’s a fun read. Especially if you like dragons and badass lady knights.



Chapter 15 Page 09


Quick, Varony, save the day!

Kip’s telepathic connection isn’t still open in the next-to-last panel; I mostly used that style of “speech” balloon to show that he’s still thinking at her as if it were. The usual “italics over a hazy white patch” for thought bubbles didn’t seem to have enough impact for the effect.

And if you’re wondering, no, turning into a mouse doesn’t mean the poison’s going to affect her more strongly – Morphus magic is “programmed” to compensate for things like that.


Chapter 14 Page 19


…yeah, don’t feed the trolls, Varony.

To anyone who found us via the library’s Comic Con, welcome! We hope you enjoy the story!

I posted a new painting of Nashua (just for fun/practice, for once) to deviantArt and Tumblr, if you’d like to see it.

And the new Top Webcomics vote incentive is another of the sketches for ad banners that I’m working on.


Chapter 14 Page 17


alternate chapter title: In Which Varony Just Has To Ruin Things For Everybody.

Sorry, Kip. Maybe you’ll get lucky on the second date…?

New Top Webcomics vote incentive (been too long since we’ve had one of those) is a rough sketch for one of the new ad banners I’m working on. Half-naked elf is per Chezhnian’s request.


Chapter 14 Page 15


“Guys, guys, I got us a new party member! He’s clean and quiet and he won’t eat much and I have to check but I’m pretty sure he’s had all his shots! We’ll just be needing a tent… for the two of us…”

We just got accepted to vend at Comic Con 2015 at the Fletcher Library in Hagerstown, MD. The show’s on August 8 from 11am-4pm. Chezhnian won’t be able to make it, but I’ll be sharing a table with Liz Staley, creator of Adrastus (and renowned Manga Studio guru). It looks like it’ll be a fun show. Admission’s free – come by if you’re in the area!


Chapter 14 Page 14


When a tree creature wants to mate with another tree creature, he (or she) brings his (or her) intended a particularly challenging kill and says something along the lines of “Let’s create offspring together.”

When nofurs want to mate, it’s all glances and flowers and words that don’t mean what they’re supposed to mean and games they don’t even tell you they’re playing with you. And they seem to be at it all the time. So weird.

Varony has come to realize over the years that the human form the Genisai gave him is one that human females (and occasionally males) tend to find attractive. Sometimes he kind of wishes she’d made him uglier…

(Hallmark makes cards to say, “sorry, you’re nice and all, but I’m not really into your species,” right…?)


Chapter 14 Page 12


Varony is not the best fiddle player, but he tries!

Again, Chezhnian and I will be Livestreaming this Sunday starting at 6pm (EDT). You don’t need an account to watch or join the chat. I’ll be taking sketch requests (for Patreon patrons first if they want them, then for anyone else), and then maybe doing some digital coloring. The stream will probably go till 9 or 10. Come say hi and hang out with us if you’re so inclined!


Chapter 14 Page 11


We’re going to try doing a Livestream sketch session on Sunday, July 19th starting at 6pm (EDT). Patreon patrons will get first dibs on sketch requests (since the session is technically making up for having a month without early updates during the between-chapter break/medical hiatus), but everyone’s welcome to come chat (and ask for sketches after the first round). In case no one is in a sketch-requesting mood, I’ll have a drawing scanned to practice coloring.

Here’s the link to our Livestream channel for now. I’ll post more about it on Friday.


Chapter 14 Page 07


Slowly starting to get ahead on pages again. My wrist still gets sore if I go too long doing something repetitive without a break, but overall it’s doing better (and I’m being nicer to it, I promise). I’m almost finished shading page 8 for the Patreon early-update backers (should be up within an hour or so), with page 9 inked and ready for shading. I’m also working on some new ad banners (the sketch for the Varony one was posted during the break) and finishing up painting the Patreon thank-you wallpaper. (Hopefully saying all that in public won’t trigger something ELSE untoward to happen.)

Have a great week, guys. As always, thank you for reading.


Chapter 14 Page 06


She doesn’t actually NEED to fluff her hair. I’m pretty sure “perfect hair at all times” is a Tu Naul racial trait.

And he might have taken her a little more seriously if she’d added “oh, and by the way, they’re actually sentient” to her argument, rather than just saying “don’t kill tree creatures, I’m friends with one.” But probably not much more seriously.

(Varony, for his part, doesn’t really distinguish “sentience” to quite the extent that humans tend to. When you live in the Old Wood, there are lots of things around that want to kill you, and very few of them care whether or not you can hold a conversation with them.)


Chapter 14 Page 02


It’s okay, Varony, we’re laughing WITH you, not AT you……

Thanks again, guys, for all the support and encouragement you’ve been posting. I really appreciate your kind consideration and your patience. My wrist is starting to do better, slowly – it’s mostly a matter of paying attention and taking better care of it.  Which is a good thing in the long run. We have a lot of story to tell. :)

Thank you, as always, for reading!


Chapter 14: Hunters and Hunted


So here you can see what my wrist took as the final straw.  As I’m going to be removing the between-chapter filler updates from the archives, here’s a recap for posterity: after about an hour of shading that dark background I started to experience carpal tunnel symptoms in my hand (this after several weeks of mild, off-and-on wrist soreness). So I’ve backed off and am working on rearranging my comic-drawing schedule and habits to avoid the three-hour shading sessions that probably played a big role in causing the problem. There may still be some slight delays – I’m going to be prioritizing my wrist health for the near future, since delays are better than compromising my ability to make comics at all. But for the most part I’m back on track. Welcome to Chapter 14. It’s going to be a fun one.

I LOVE tall ships, but boy are good reference photos a pain in the ass to find, since you need to see how all the parts fit together before you can recreate them on paper. I have a big folder of photos I took at the Baltimore Inner Harbor’s 1812 bicentennial event, but most of those ships were much bigger types than this one needed to be, and I couldn’t get very good photos of the smaller ships since they were cruising the harbor for most of the day. Eventually I found that the website for the Privateer Lynx (one of the ships that came in for the bicentennial, though I’d only gotten one or two photos of her) has really awesome, very extensive image galleries – so if you’re interested in that sort of thing or ever wondered what it’s like to be on a ship, go take a look. (I more or less loosely based this ship on the Lynx rather than drawing her exactly. It’s not 100% accurate, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out overall.)


Chapter 13 Page 44


End Chapter 13. Just like every chapter, we recommend going back and reading it as a whole now that it’s finished.

We’ll be taking an end-of-chapter break before we start posting Chapter 14. It’s another long chapter – right now we’re working on finalizing script edits, and once that’s done I can start storyboarding and laying out the pages. We’re planning to start posting Chapter 14 on May 26 (May 22 for Patreon early-update backers) – if it ends up taking longer we’ll keep you informed. I want to have a good start on the chapter before we jump into posting, so as to avoid delays down the road. In the meantime, we’ll be posting art updates at least once a week (probably Fridays), and on Patreon we’ll be updating with WIP stuff and progress shots for the new chapter (as well as the other extras like Chezhnian’s Tamuran trivia posts).

It’s been awesome seeing the range of responses Kip’s gotten this chapter, by the way. She’s a complicated character with a lot of room to grow… if the party stays alive long enough for her to get there. Here’s hoping. Special thanks to Chan, her creator, for entrusting her to us.

As always, thank you for reading!


Chapter 13 Page 43


This conversation went on a bit longer in the original rp. It was an interesting challenge paring it down while keeping the original spirit of the miscommunication as well as a dialogue that flowed organically. (The “so don’t eat me, and go wash up. Shoo!” was taken directly from the chat log).

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Chapter 13 Page 37


As a reminder, not all Tu Naul are Morphyx – those born with Morphus abilities actually make up a relatively small percentage of Tu Naul.

We are finally launching a Patreon campaign! If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s a way for readers to become “patrons of the arts” and support their favorite online creators with a monthly donation at an amount of their choosing, in exchange for rewards like early comic updates, behind-the-scenes content, and other extras. No pressure or anything – the comic will always be free to read right here. But if you’d like to help us out with comic expenses and promotion costs and such, take a look at our page.

Whether you choose to support us or not, I want to say thank you for reading our comic. It has been and continues to be a truly incredible experience to take this story that’s been clattering around our heads for six years and put it out there as a comic that people all over the world are reading, commenting on, and taking part in (and maybe sometimes tearing your hair out at) along with us, and it really makes us excited to share the rest of the story with you. I’ve probably said things along those lines before, but I mean it every time. Seriously, thank you. :)

Top Webcomics vote incentive is a preview of a panel from the next page. The whole next page is also available to read on Patreon for patrons at the $5 level and above.


Chapter 13 Page 32


Happy (northern hemisphere) vernal equinox! After a week or so of spring temperatures, it’s snowing outside. =P

Just three days left in the Adrastus Book 3 Kickstarter, and right now they’re at 53% funded. So if you like giant robots and badass heroines who pilot them, go take a look! And please help spread the word if you know any mecha anime fans – I want my copy of this book. ;)
(Seriously, though, you should go read the comic. Once the story gets going, it’s a fun read, especially if you like old-school anime. Liz weaves a good plot.)

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Chapter 13 Page 30


The elf Nashua’s talking to is Gideon Weaveforger, a Blacksmith/Druid from the Knight Realms LARP (check it out; their photo galleries are awesome), whose player pledged for a cameo in our Book 1 Indiegogo fundraiser. (We’d originally planned for the campaign cameos to come during the travel montage in chapter 10, but his player didn’t mind waiting for a nicer cameo spot that suited the character better, so here he is… finally!)  Thank you again, Geoffrey!

(edit: fixed the Knight Realms link – it had a stray copy-pasted punctuation mark in it. Should work now!)


Chapter 13 Page 29


Liz Staley’s Kickstarter for Book 3 of her comic, Adrastus, is just over halfway through, with just under half of her goal raised. If you like giant robots (or The X-Files, or 80′s anime like Ronin Warriors), go check it out!

Vote on Top Webcomics to see design sketches for Claudia, the lady who confronted Kip and Varony at the gate into Hiancea earlier in the chapter.

As always, thank you for reading!


Chapter 13 Page 26


Besides the Dragons, the Travelers revere many minor deities and patron spirits. Nauncia is a goddess of travel (and thus of particular importance), and is often invoked in this sort of context.

Liz Staley’s Kickstarter to fund Volume 3 of her webcomic, Adrastus, is just shy of hitting $1k! Go take a look, and also read Adrastus. The story is a modern take on the 70′s and 80′s giant robot anime genre, with a plot that’s part serious and part affectionate parody. It’s a really fun comic that deserves way more readers.


Chapter 13 Page 25


First off, our friend Liz over at Adrastus has launched a Kickstarter to fund the printing of her third volume. Go check it out! Classic-anime-style giant robots, badass motorcycle-racing heroines, secret agents, aliens, tabloid reporters, fun all around. :D

As for our Book 2 printing survey, thanks again to everyone who responded. I mentioned last week that it doesn’t look like there’s currently enough interest in print books to warrant another Kickstarter attempt so soon. So for now we’re going to focus on other things, like making more comic – finishing Chapter 13 and making progress on Chapter 14 – rather than spending a month on intensive Kickstarter promotion. Unfortunately, printing Book 2 next year after we’ve moved means that we won’t be able to print with the local printer that did such nice work on Book 1. It also means that we probably won’t be selling at any convention artist alleys on the West Coast until after we can get the books printed, since our first small run of Book 1 is running low (we’ve got enough copies for about one convention still, so we’ll see). On the positive side, though, if we run the campaign next year we won’t have to scramble to get backer rewards sent out before the move. And hopefully the EU VATMOSS tax mess will have been sorted out by then, so that we won’t have to worry about trying to figure out whether our digital reward tiers are legal or not…

Again, thank you to the people who responded to the survey – we appreciate it! For the potential campaign rewards, a lot of people said they’d like to see short extra stories, so we’re thinking about which ones (backstory episodes, that sort of thing) might be fun to tell in the meantime, possibly as patron rewards for a Patreon campaign. We also had a good number of people say they were interested in cell phone charms or Pathtag charms, which we’ll definitely keep in mind for the next Kickstarter.  For back-of-the book extras, more in-depth info about the setting of Tamuran seemed to be the most popular choice – “world-building info – geography” got the highest number of votes, followed by “overview of the various types of magic and the Guardian Races.”


Chapter 13 Page 23


Here’s the link to the survey again, for people who would be interested in pledging for Book 2 (see the previous two update posts). So far it doesn’t look like there are enough people interested in print books to warrant retrying the Kickstarter, but we’ll leave the form up for a while longer. If you want a book, let us know, and also give us your votes on what kinds of campaign rewards and book extras you’d like to see.

To answer a few questions that have come up: no, we’re not raising the price of the books to compensate for the increased cost per copy to print them. The book prices would be the same as they were in the last campaign, though we might change some of the reward tiers. And some people said that they weren’t interested in physical books but would pledge for PDF copies – unfortunately, this time PDFs would ONLY be available as a freebie tacked onto physical copies of the book. There won’t be any digital-only tiers for this campaign, as thanks to new tax legislation it’s not legal for us to sell digital products to anyone in the EU without taking on an administrative and data-collecting burden that we’re not equipped to handle. (Technically it would be Kickstarter’s responsibility to deal with the VAT issues, but it doesn’t look like they’re doing that…)


Chapter 13 Page 22


(EDIT: Since someone expressed concern: no, we’re not raising the book’s price from last time. It’s just more expensive per copy for us to print them. Sorry for any confusion!)

To summarize last update’s post, we’re thinking about retrying the Kickstarter campaign to print Book 2 (with a lower goal, to print half the number of books this time), but since we can’t lower the campaign goal very much, we don’t want to run another campaign so soon if there isn’t enough interest in books to warrant it. So if you want a print copy of Book 2 (and/or Book 1), please let us know on this survey. The survey also has some optional questions on what you’d like to see as campaign rewards or back-of-the-book extras.

Please note that since we’re planning on moving this summer, the next opportunity for us to print Book 2 probably won’t be till 2016, and we will most likely not be able to print with the same local printer everyone liked so much for Book 1.

Also, we’ve finally set up a Tamuran group on deviantArt. Check it out and feel free to join if you’re on dA. (That announcement kind of got preempted by the more urgent Kickstarter news after we got the quote from the printers on Monday, hah.)